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Ordering shoes online?


Needs milk and a bidet!
Anyone do this?

I’m very likely going to use Zappos. How’s the return policy if the shoe size is incorrect?
Frequently. Zappos is very easy for returns. I recall “free” shipping both ways if necessary. Same with Shoe Mart and Shoes.com that happens to have a sale right now.
I have large feet 12 double wide, so finding local stores that carry shoes that fit can be difficult. Thus, I occasionally order online.
Amazon Prime has free returns on many items.

I have taken full advantage of this policy recently. I have ordered a dozen pair of boots in the past month, keeping three, returning the rest with free shipping both ways.

Some came from Zappos as the seller.

Went the expensive way around. I found the Allen Edmonds shoe I wanted on eBay. Didn't matter the condition just looking for size comparison. That way I had a better idea on how it will fit before dropping $300 for a new pair. I was able to get the eBay shoe recrafted at $100 for a total cost of $150. Now I have 2 Allen Edmonds (black and walnut).

Anyone do this?

I’m very likely going to use Zappos. How’s the return policy if the shoe size is incorrect?
always google the name and model of the shoe and add the word 'sizing' after it...this will
throw up any sizing info sometimes. Next, wander into a B&M shop and try on what you're
looking to buy. Then you can purchase online. I imagine nearly all online fashion outlets
have return policies....in case of shoes it's a little more strict. Only try them on a clean piece of carpet...
any sole markings or lost/defaced packaging voids the return agreement.


Needs milk and a bidet!
The reason I’m looking online is because my local stores don’t carry the shoes I want to buy


I have not bought shoes/boots on line as I like to try them on first. I probably would if I was buying a pair of shoes/boots that I have worn before and was just buying another pair. As long as the return policy was good I might try it.

Rudy Vey

I have bought shoes on line from the USA (Allen Edmonds), the UK (Herring Shoes) and Italy (Velesca). Never had a problem. The only thing I would recommed to you is get your feet measured in a Brannock device, most shoe stores have them. I had this done a few times and it gives you a very good idea about the size of your feet and what size you will need. However, I have bought many shoes from AE and know my size very well for these shoes. Some companies run larger, some smaller. For example, I am a 11.5 in US, but for UK sizing I am a UK10.5.