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Ordered mine today

I just ordered mine today, with the matching aftershave... I can't wait! :w00t:


Expected delivery date: 4/17/2015. Waiting is so hard. :blink:

Oh well. I can still use the Captain's Bay Rum till then. :w00t:
Got mine today! Can wait till tomorrow, also got a bottle of cat o'nine tails Wow this in my top 3 best bay rums. Great first blast then tones down and stays with you. Also the captain gave me 2 samples to try. Great stuff, Great service Thanks Captain !
Just curious, for anyone who's tried both....how does the Captain's new line of soaps compare with the RazoRock CC Bay Rum? I have the RR soap, and love it. I'd gladly pick up some of the Captain's soap if it's comparable to RR in performance. Absolutely love the scent.
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