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Opportunity to try an old school lavender soap

htownmmm said:
for $30 + another $5 for shipping, they can keep this one- castle forbes anyone?


Well......when I originally posted, the bid was around $5 with 3-4 hours left in the auction. Too bad it went past most budgets.......it's a really nice shaving soap.
Shame it's so expensive, Yardley make one of the best lavender scents areound. Thank god it's ended, I'd have been tempted.
I think Gerald Martin may have "WON" it.:w00t: If it is you, congratulations! I used Yardley soap when I was a teen or maybe twenty-something.. Good stuff. Price-wise, have you looked at what a bowl of Trumper Rose soap costs? And as you all say, too bad about the eBay experience, "Mint Condition," "Better than New," "Very Rare." It tests the sanity of the beholder..:001_rolle
designwise1 said:
No, Ron. I was outbid in the last few seconds.
Argghhh! Whatta' RIP! Sniped obviously. I thought I saw your name posted as the winner. My humblest apologies and condolences..
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