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Favorite Lavender?



Not so much a soap as a cream, but I like Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort. It's supposed to be unscented, but they add lavender for its healing properties for the skin. Definitely a strong scent of lavender, though
Sir Mthammer11, you have excellent taste!
There are so many excellent shaving lavenders!
Soaps as well as creams, plus colognes and aftershaves!
Lavender is a classic in the 'space'!
Experiment, look around, and enjoy!


Dave himself

Wee Words of Wisdom
I have B&M, TOBS, MSC and HAGS, all are just clean Lavender scents. Having had them for a while now it's hard to pick favourite. Although MSC has added menthol so it's really nice on a warm day.
Mystic Water Jeff's Lavender. Just perfect.

Some lavenders are overly sweetly floral and some are almost resinous and harshly herbaceous. Jeff's lavender treads the middle ground. Not too floral, and not too herbal. Really nice stuff.
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