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Opinions on Merkur 42 ‘1904 Classic’

My favourite razor is a british alu ballend tech from the early 50s, to which I have settled on 7'oclock yellow blades.

I really like the look of the Merkur 42 and I was interested to get opinions from fellow DE shavers... and if you have one (like it) then what blades do you use?

Thanks in advance for your time...
The 1904 is my first DE razor (I just started out about a month ago). I've tried Derbys and Astras in it and I prefer the Astras. It's a good razor. Heavier than the Merkur Classics (I have the 15C open comb). The hexagonal handle is handy but the rounde end can be hard to grip with wet fingers.
I have the 1904 Open comb model,that I got from shaving essentials for $23.50.It's a beautiful well made razor that I use in my regular rotation.
I gives me an excellent shave,well worth the money.
Decided on the closed comb model... I need to order some Derby Extras or Astras because my 7'oclocks are WAY too much for my face+experience!

Thanks for peoples help... it really is a wonderful looking razor.
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