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Opinions, do you think Tabac will bug my face?

So I would say that I am slowly transitioning into being mainly a soap guy. Having said that, based on the praise that Tabac gets on this forum, I think I would like to give it a try, but I am concerned that it will irritate and dry out my skin. Here's what I have used so far.

TOBS cream-I have tried Rose, Almond, St James and none of them bug my skin
Proraso-does not bug my skin
Ingram-does not bug my skin

VDH Deluxe-does not bug my skin
HBS Fragance oil soaps-tried 3 of them and they all bothered my face
Mama Bears EO soaps- don't bug my face
Mama Bears FO soaps-do bug my face

I think I am sensitive to FO in soaps, what do you guys think, do you think I'll be okay with Tabac? or do I just need to give it a go and see for myself?, thanks
The only real way to know is to try it out. If it bothers your face you can get rid of it pretty quickly on the BST.
Tabac is strongly scented, but few gents seem to have bad skin reactions to it.

Judging by the considerable list of products your skin can handle, I think there's a only a very slight chance the Tabac will bother you.
Where are you located? If I recall correctly there is a Tabac shave stick being passed around the US and Canada, get on the list if there is still room.
The first two times I used Tabac, it killed my face. I used it again a few weeks ago after leaving it alone for several months, and my face felt great afterwards.

Don't know if that's helpful or not. I'm inclined to say that you'll be fine with it since most guys are.
Tabac is one of those contradictions - a highly scented soap that seems to irritate very few folk's skin.

For whatever reason, Tabac seems to work well even for folks who have sensitive skin.

Given the products you can tolerate, I think that you'll be just fine with the Tabac. As this is your first tallow soap, prepared to be blown away with the performance - top notch stuff (if you like the scent).
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