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Open combs from scratch

We have a fairly new vendor I should say craftsman who just started making DEs from scratch and out of stainless steel. He can be found on TSD and also this site. He goes by Pureslap and he is starting to attract attention. I for one am very excited and we finally might have someone who is listening.

Listed under "Vendors Corner" on TSD. This is a prototype

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I looked for it and couldn't find it either.

there is a thread at TheShaveDen that has more explanation and some more pictures. Looks like a sweet razor. I'm THIS close to ordering one, even though I've never even tried an open comb design razor of any kind.
When I clicked on the thread has been moved link, it told me I didn't have permission to view that page.
I tried looking for it, and it isn't anywhere I can see it.

I couldn't find it anywhere either... I looked all over, and did a search for iKon. It was gone. Not sure why, though... looked like a fun project.


As far as I know, this is the first guy to machine his own heads. Very cool. I see all the arguments about going with the NEW style head, but honestly if he can make an Old Type or Safety bar type head (like the Parker he was mirroring) I would be very interested. Stainless steel is much nicer IMO than nickel plated brass or that other material Merkur likes to use that burns when you try to plate it.
I didn't think stainless steel rusts or oxidizes unless it was underwater constantly or in salt water such as the ocean. These razors are being made out of solid stainless steel which has a certain percentage of chromium to prevent rusting.
Why would someone take all this trouble to make a stainless razor knowing that it could rust.
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