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One shaver, one razor blade brand, one shave cream and one after shave.

I'll start:
Merkur Progress
Astra SP
Proraso Green (TOBS Eaton College a close 2nd)
Proraso Green (English Leather a close 2nd)


Check Out Chick
Gold Ball end Tech.
Wilkinson Sword Indian blade.
Nivea Sensitive Cream.
Nivea Sensitive Balm.
Out of everything I've either owned or used...

Gillette Slim Adjustable (a setting will be found that works)
Astra SPs (they work and they aren't expensive)
Arko Shave Stick (this soap just works)
English Leather (you may not like the smell, but it does have staying power)
Wait a sec..............no brush? :001_huh:

Today it would be:
Razorock Game Changer .84
Yaqi 24mm Silvertip Fan
Wholly Kaw King of Oud soap & AS

Tomorrow it would be:
Rex Ambassador
PAA 24mm Starcraft synthetic
B&M Reserve Cool soap & AS

No time indicated in OP so I take it as one of each per day rather than one of each for the rest of my life.:001_tt2: Now if that was meant by the thread title, then I'm doomed!!
What I actually did for decades in the pre-B&B wilderness:

Gillette Old Type
No name blade, 10 in a dispenser at the supermarket
Williams Mug (cheesy boar brush)
No AS at all

What I would take to the desert island out of the current line up:

ATT S2 head on a Geisen and Forsthoff (Timor) short SS handle
Astra SP - no thrills but solid performance
Cella (beat Arko only on scent)
Generic SD alcohol witch hazel

Can I take my alum block? I’m definitely taking a short loft Omega boar. Everything listed is inexpensive other than that ATT head. With my Cella brick and stash of witch hazel for home brew AS, I could probably make it to New Years 2024 or beyond just by stocking up on the Astras. But RAD won’t let me.
Thin Cap (pre-1920) Gillette Old
Bic Chrome Platinum
Tabac Original Shaving Soap
Dickinson's Witch Hazel/Pinaud Clubman blend (5:1 ratio)
Charcoal Goods Level 3 open comb in antique brass
Feather blade
MdC soap (any flavor)
Chatillon Lux aftershave (any flavor)
Double shot of Maker’s Mark (post-shave)


Remember to forget me!
One bourbon
One scotch
One beer!

In reverse order...

Le Chouffe Blonde

Anything from Bruichladdich, I've never had anything I don't like from that distillery - or any Islay distillery for that matter.

Hold the bourbon! Or give me a bottle of Hendricks gin instead :D
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