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Once you go Feather, there's no turning back

Oily? Slimy? ?SYNTAX ERROR? If you want to get rid of your Feathers, I'd be happy to dispose of them. ;)

The box of five I received I shaved with three of the blades. The wrapper was not the source of the oil issue, the blades were. Each blade I opened was coated with enough oil for to coat the entire box of 5 blades. I know they coat blades to protect them from corrosion, but it seemed excessive. Maybe I received a bad batch or an imitation. I purchased them from a reputable seller, so I assumed that's how they are packaged. I would send the rest to you, but I only purchased a box of 5 and used the last two for non-shaving purposes.
Every month or so I get curious and leave my trusty Feathers and try another blade. I usually don't make it three passes before switching back.


The wife's investment
Yea, I turned back. What remains of my 10 pack of Feathers is on the bottom of the stack. They're just not for me. I find them to be nearly as rough as a Merkur. Yes I've tried different razor combos, and no its not my technique. As mentioned before, i shouldn't have to alter my technique for one blade when it works perfectly fine for every other blade. And a good blade will work in all of my razors.

I know YMMV vary, but in my opinion, Feather has benefited from a lot of hype on this forum and the fact that some people just like to be a part of the majority. Because i certainly don't understand the love. Shark, Astra, Gillette 7 o'clocks are just a few that I have tried that give a superior shave.

Sorry to rant.... I just don't get the hype.

To be fair, they are generally agreed to be the sharpest current production blades out there. A lot of us like the "tier 2" blades because their other properties are superior. But if you are a sharpness hound (??? - just made that up :lol:) you would be hard-pressed to find a better option.

I'm not a majority kind of guy and I have also used nearly every blade on the planet before finally trying Feathers. I have to agree with the Feather fans that these are consistently sharp blades.
Feathers are great! 5-6 three passes, more on my neck and under my chin. Derby extra is also good for me, however more work is involved to get the BBS and a bit more burn.

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Feathers are OK for 2 shaves and then they degrade for quickly that I can not get a third shave from them. Many other better quality blades out there for the money.
Same here, second shave is the last shave...same razor burn this morning from another attempt to get day three out of the blade. First two days are great, and I do love how light the blade is, it just glides and cuts with ease. Day three is rough, the blade starts to drag, and even with only an WTG second pass under my chin, I still get some razor burn.

With that said, for those first two days, a great blade and likely one I will add to my final rotation.
I am in the camp of them being average blades, i find them no better, or worse, tham blades half the price, i think the name and thier reputation proceeds the actual blades!
I am in the camp of them being average blades, i find them no better, or worse, tham blades half the price, i think the name and thier reputation proceeds the actual blades!

I am finding this with several shave related items...reputation/mystique often outpaces performance. However, I do like Feathers. Not my favorite blade, but they are in my rotation.
I've pretty much abandoned all other blades at this point. No other blade is as effective (sharp/smooth with a 'feather' technique) for me. I've been getting 4 three pass every other day shaves with Feathers. Other blades will shave great and then start tearing me up for some reason.
I've used Feathers and find them to be overhyped and overpriced. Good for only 2 decent shaves and then ready to be tossed. There are many blades out there that are just as good without the cost.
Personally, I'm not a fan of Feathers. I've tried them and while very sharp, they just don't seem all that smooth and tend to be very irritating. I have sensitive skin, so maybe this is part of it. I may give Feathers another try soon (and change other possible contributing factors), but at this moment in time, I'm not really a fan.

Lately, I've been using Astra SPs with nice results, I tried Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge (yellow) recently, which also performed well and without issues.
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I'm in the midst of a sampler right now however out of the 6 different blades I've used so far I like feathers the most; I find them to be the smoothest and sharpest of the lot for me. We'll see if I think the same thing after I've tried another 5 brands but to be honest I expect to. Not that it will stop me trying other blades.
+1 I too am working my way through a sampler and like the Feathers the best. I was dissapointed with the Timor and Derby's, way too much tugging, despite changes to lather and switching between soap and cream.
Feathers rock. I can get BBS with no nicks, cuts or irritation every time, well 9 out of 10 times at least, I can alwys manage to screw up
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I use feather blades in a Feather SS. I have tried Astra's and Dorco's and both felt dull out of the wrapper. Feather blades give me a smooth, burn free shave, and 4-5 shaves per blade. I have no interest in trying any other blades as what I have works for me.
Agree with OP - after shaving with a Feather, every other blade just pulls and tugs too much for my comfort. I NEED those Japanese assassin blades against my face :)
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