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Old, unused blades?

I was just wondering if anyone here can give me some advice about older, unused blades. I see really old blades (from 40 years ago or more) on eBay, and I would never shave with them. But what is the shelf life of a DE blade? My dad says he has some that are probably between 10 and 20 years old. Can they be used? How do they age? And how do storing conditions like heat, cold, moisture affect them? I have hundreds of blades and have offered to give him lots of them, but he says he wants to use his old ones first. He's using the derbys I gave him right now, but I am just wondering if he should use those older blades that he has. Any info would be appreciated.
Older, unused blades are great. Collect a variety, put them in a picture frame, and hang them in your shave den. Great atmosphere!

I'm actually thinking about doing the same, buying a few older ones, picture frame them and put them in the shaving den. Other options which may add to the atmosphere is old Gillette paper ads, some of them are wonderful classics!
Probably not useful unless you like bleeding and being hairy all at the same time. I imagine that freshly made blades are much more effective and safe than older ones...unless kept in a vacuum.
I would avoid older blades for actual shaving purposes. The old ones were not stainless but were actually carbon steel which means there is a much greater likelyhood that they have experienced some oxidation.

Sneak over to your dad's house and removw the old blades under cover of night-when he finds out and protests, tell him they are only useful as collectibles now. Use the suggestion of placing them in a frame and them giving them back to him with a nice supply of Derby blades. this way, it will be to much trouble to remove them just to use when he has a ready supply at hand.

It's now a couple of weeks ago, that I've bought 5x10blades at E-Bay named:
"E & C Hartkopf" !!!
As I asked members in the German Forum www.Nassrasur.com , they've told me that these blades are about 40years old.
So what to do??? I've loaded my Merkur Classic LH with one and began to shave..., wow, great blade.
No cuts or razorburn and a really smooth shave, although the blades are "vintage".
I think, if they are not rusted, you can try it with quiet conscience...:wink2:


Of course you can try it but if I were in your shoes, I would rather collect and frame these blades than using those. You will find more older unused blades on the Internet however I wouldn't use them.

I think that positive surprises can happen when trying out older blades however that will mainly be the case if they have been properly kept during all those years. You eventually never know how good they will shave until you tried them all out. I would not exchange the value of an unused very old blade with the thought of shaving with them so they become dull.

The majority of unused old items always have more value than used items in many collector circles.

Anyway, long story short: Regardless how good or bad very old blades shave, I would keep them in an "as is" state because of historic values these have.

Obviously, YMMV. :wink:
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