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Old Type clone and Gillette case ID

Hi Guys
I purchased this razor the other day from an antique store. It came in this Canadian Gillette case. Obviously not the razors original case.
Does anyone know what brand razor this is and from what year aproximately? It only has "Made in England" engraved under the baseplate.
Also i'm now interested in locating the right razor that originally came with this case. Any ideas which razor was sold with this case?


The razor looks like it is a 1930s Oxford and the case is for a Canadian Single Ring probably from 1915- 1920. The Canadian date codes are not presently understood as to the year of manufacture

I'd say the case belongs to a 1919-20 or post patent Single ring. The half spring and latch hole are very late features, usually seen on post patent pocket sets, and I suspect it doesn't list the patent numbers on the bottom.
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