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Old Spice Wheaton Glass Mug Prototype

I picked up this Old Spice mug last week because I had never seen another quite like it. According to oldspicecollectibles.com, it is the first Wheaton Glass Old Spice mug, but there are a couple of things about this particular mug that differ from their description and photos. The printing is much darker than any other #1 Wheaton mug that I have ever seen and this one does not have "Early American Old Spice... Shulton Inc. Clifton, NJ" printed on the bottom. The foot of the cup is also completely different in that it is rounded on the bottom and not slanted.

If anyone has any information regarding this Old Spice mug, please fill me in.
Nice! Being an Old Spice fanboy (but not a serious collector) the few mugs I have, a couple with original soap still sealed inside, are mostly 60's era. I'm no help to you with info but I do like your mug. I mostly seek out authentic Shulton aftershave and cologne. I think I've got enough of that now to last me the rest of my years!
I checked the oldspicecollectibles.com site. Your mug is from the late 40's when they were in the process of developing the glass mugs. Marked by by the mold number on the bottom.
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