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Old Gillette Aristocrat Identification Help Please

Hello Everyone

I purchased a razor yesterday in a Charity Shop for £2. It came in a neat brown leather case along with some spare blades nicely packaged in little envelopes. The Razor - which is in remarkable condition - has the TTO mechanism and the action is very smooth. It possesses the No. 430030 on the rear along with the diamond Gillette logo and the wording BRIT PAT and Made in England.

My guess is that its an Aristocrat from 1948/49. But i'm not positive. Would love to know more. Such as the model, the number (I keep seeing a # number on sites), and perhaps what its made of (silver plate, rhodium etc.).

Im posting a few pics.

Thanks everyone.

http://www.mr-razor.com/Rasierer/On...ristcrat Junior Set No48 beschriftet Logo.jpg

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