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Of Brushes and Borax

Okay, I've seen a few references to folks soaking their brushes in borax. Now, the only thing I know about borax is that back in college, I had a roomate who made some frankenmix of borax, flower, and water (I think), placed the dried chunks all over our house, and we never saw another cockroach again. So can someone tell me why it's a good idea to soak brushes that we will be rubbing all over our face and neck in a poison? And assuming that it is a good idea, what is the right amount of borax to use, and how often do you soak your brush?


In lieu of Borax, you might want to try this. Emily of Em's place, who happes to sell a lot of brushes, recommends this:

First, wash your brush in dishwashing liquid such as Dawn. This will remove any residue that's on your brush. Next mix a 4 to 1 solution of water and vinegar with a dash of glycerine added to the mixture. After soaking in this solution for some time, rinse the brush well and let dry.

I've used this process on Vulfix and it worked great!!

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