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Now THIS is a Slant...The Neo-Lux

Hi Guys

This just appeared today and I was really pleased with the overall condition. Then I thought "Lets do a test drive". So I soaked it in Barbicide for a few minutes, loaded a Feather that has a few shaves on it and got lathered up. I used a blade with some mileage on it because I don't know anything about this particular razor. I got it mainly because I'd seen a post from Jake about them and really liked the looks.

Well, it does a really good job. I know some have the other models and they seem to be pretty mild. This one has a bit of agro to it. Even with a used blade. 2 passes and a bit of buffing for a nice comfortable shave. Because of the extreme angle of the head I found myself using one side for the right side of my face and the other for the left side. Hmmm, I wonder if that was a factor in the design at all. Also the razor is very light which I have to pay attention to so as not to use too much pressure.

All in all a nice addition to my collection and one that will be pressed into service as well. The pics are from the seller.
I have a Neo-Ras, which is basically the same thing, and I found it to be sub-par... hard to rinse and very mild. The angled head is convenient to use, but it kind of screws up my habit of switching edges as I want to. Mine will stay in the collection, but I'll likely never use it again. Glad to hear that someone likes it, though.
-- Chet
Chet, I find it interesting that you don't care for yours in that it's not a good shaver for you. The 'Lux, however does deliver me a good shave and I'm not one to prefer mild razors. I didn't care for the R41 but like and use my Barbasol, Tradere, old Styles etc. So maybe there's a real difference between the 'Ras and the 'Lux.
T Rex, that's funny, but I see where you get the idea from. Maybe more of a Rex with a really stiff neck, you know..."I just shouldn't have made that last lunge..."
I saw that on the Bay, considered bidding on it, but didn't really understand it. So it's just a slant, huh? You're supposed to pull it just parallel to the handle? If so, you're right, extreme slant! I love clever, different, inventive razors. Bakelite, too. Nice catch! Enjoy it!
Does this actually count as a slant?

In other slants the blade is bent differently which makes it rotary symmetrical.
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