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Nor'easter is getting around...

Always good to see the Captain's products getting around. I think he does a good job of explaining what the aftershave is for. Captain's aftershaves are the best at what they do. Sometimes yeah I would like the smell to last as it is so good but is not what it is formulated to do. Great review great video.
Been using Captain's products since 2011 and his soaps and aftershaves will always be in my den. I liked the sample of Nor'easter a/s I got with my last order and the soap and a/s will most likely be in my next order, to join my bay rum, north and lime soap/aftershave combos. I'm still waiting for a CO9T soap to pair with my aftershave.
I used the pre production formula yesterday. Not sure if this is more or less mentholated than the final formulation, but loved it. Great scent wonderfully refreshing menthol. Lathered up beautifully. Full disclosure, this was also my first experience with one of your soaps. Well done.