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Nickel Plated Toggle from 1960


I actually never thought I would see one of these so close up -- let alone own one. These beautiful F4 nickel (also referred to as "chrome-plated") Toggles may be more rare than the 1904/5 double rings. Maybe not -- but certainly rarely seen on the auction sites or shaving sites. So when one presented itself to me, how could I say "no"? And for a relatively reasonable price as well.

The set seems like it was never used. The blades have not been unwrapped. The case pristine and unmarred. And the shiny razor --wow! Sure would love to use it -- but how can I bring myself to do so? I guess I'll have to let the experience mellow a bit before deciding for sure. Hope you don't mind me sharing more than a few photos of this remarkable set. I am impressed with its build quality and the design is stunning. Why didn't they continue making them?

You can see that part of the cellophane blade wrapper is ripped, but the blades are still intact.

The bottom of the blade assembly is solid like the FatBoy, but the adjuster is actually quite different.

The ring with the numbers has a stop at "1" & "9". Just in case...

Seems like they only made these nickel Toggles during the F4 period.

Bigger case than the usual razor -- but the other designed Toggle cases (except the leather one) are also oversized.

In case you wondered how the head was opened.

Pristine. Shiny without rhodium.

I really wish I had a studio to take the photos this beauty deserves.


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Wowzer, Len, I think those photos will do quite nicely, as all around the shaving world we go wishing to our beds! Oh, wait, the cellophane is loose, you can send it here for proper disposal


Moderator Emeritus
That is one fantastic piece. I prefer that case to the blue one.
I'm glad I clicked on this post.
Pure awesomeness.
Gorgeous razor. For now I put myself in the same category that you used to. I hope to one day find a razor this nice in the wild. Nice pics of a beautiful razor.
Simply amazing.............the nickel plating brings out the functional quality of the razor whereas the gold Toggle mesmerizes you with the bling of gold plating.


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Really nice, Jake! I also stumbled on an unused F4 Toggle in the wild last year and like you, I can't bring myself to use it (yet!)

Need better pics.
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