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    Hello, I'm new to this sub-forum and my experience with EDTs has been limited to what's available in department stores. But now that I've gotten into wet shaving, I've become aware of the "Niche" EDT market. But again, I'm unaware of products in this market. I would like to find a couple of scents that I like and wear them from time to time. If anyone is into niche EDT's, could you list some of your favorites, preferably affordable favorites. For example, I would be willing to ask for an $80 EDT for my birthday or something but not much beyond that. I look forward to hearing from some of you.
  1. I doubt you will find a niche EDT for $80 unless you are getting a 5 or 10 ml decant.
  2. Thanks so much. Do you know where I could find information about the market? I obviously don't know what I'm talking about.
  3. P.S.
    There are many quality scents in your price-range...and below. You don't have to go niche.
  4. Much appreciated!
  5. Would you be willing to offer a few suggestions? This is outside my wheelhouse.
  6. By “niche”, what niche are you looking for?
    Classic masculine expensive
    Small brand boutique
    All natural
    Strange scents?

    Fwiw, I think barrister and Mann and Chatillon Lux are doing really cool stuff.

    They both offer samples. Read about the barrister and Mann Fougère Imperiale and aromatique. They are all natural fougeres. No synthetics. I’m wearing the Imperiale right now at an economic outlook summit because I closed a big case. I want to feel important. Lol.
  7. Not without knowing what you like. And even then I might not suggest a cologne.

    Scent preference is very personal, extremely subjective. If you have access to a nice department store, go to the scent counter and try out different ones. Note what you like and what you don't. Go online and seek out reviews...there are tons on youtube. Was there a particular note that you liked in a cologne, or didn't like? Avoid the ones you didn't like. Seek out ones you did. Some places have samples.

    Bear in mind, it's your nose and your nose alone (perhaps the nose of your significant other) that you have to please. No one else.
  8. Will do. I thought there might be a parallel universe in the cologne market that there is in the commercial verses artisan shaving soap market where the artisan versions are of better quality at a reasonable price. We have a Nordstrom's nearby that carries Tom Ford, Cartier, Creed, Hermes, John Varvatos, etc. I'll explore them and quiet my mind on the idea of a "Niche" product. Again, thank you.
  9. Probably so. And with that in mind, I mostly use commercial shave soaps and creams. If I have anything "nice" I got it on sale. So my colognes are probably commercial too.
  10. Any "Artisans" that are at a "designer" level price would be houses that create clone versions of more expensive Niche house favorites.. the main two being Alexandria and Dua. This would be a way to experience niche-like scents at designer prices. I do not have any direct experience with these or would I even know if they were on the mark or not. With these, you usually have to blind buy or get a deal on a used bottle from someone.

    Your idea of checking out a Nordstrom's would be the best idea. Get your nose on some of the ones you've mentioned. Develop an idea for what kinds you like. Then do research. If you like a Tom Ford "Private Blend" that costs $300, do some research and you might be able to find a designer cologne that's in the same scent family. I definitely recommend reading tons of reviews. They aren't all trustworthy, but you'll get an idea about the general consensus of fragrances. For example, John Varvatos colognes have the reputation for having average-to-poor longevity. But many of the fragrances themselves are highly though of, and even considered "niche-like" - so it's up to the consumer to decide if the trade-off is worth it. Many of them can be found at TJ Maxx or Marshalls for 1/4th of the price you'd pay at Nordstrom's or Macy's. Many guys just use more sprays to compensate for the lacking performance.. others won't touch the stuff. I guess my point here is don't buy based on ONE test at the fragrance counter. Remember which ones you liked, then go home and research. You might find the one you liked the best gets very poor ratings from the community. Then you can decide your next move, either buy it anyways and live with it, or grab something in the same scent family that has better performance.

    It's an addictive hobby. The Youtube rabbit hole is a whole other realm you can use to get familiar with what's out there. There's lots to learn and no excuse to not be an educated consumer.'

    NOTE: Maybe it's obvious, but there is a family of fragrance houses that are really not designer nor would they be considered niche. These are the ones that get discussed here most frequently, those houses that mainly make men's grooming products. Taylor's, Trufitt & Hill, Trumper's, Castle Forbes and Floris to name a few. These sell at mostly designer-level prices but aren't really what you'd consider designer or niche. (I think the "niche" tag really goes to those companies that focus soley on fragrance)
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    I cannot seem to get through to their web site right now for some reason, but Imaginary Authors may fit the bill. You can order sample for $6 for 2 ml. You can order various sets. 14 ml "travelers" seem to be about $38. 50 ml bottles $95. High quality stuff. Creative. I would say definitely niche. Josh Meyer, the creator, was once active on B&B, and is a wonderful, deserving guy.

    Bruno Fazzolari is similar, albeit more expensive for smaller bottles. Bruno Fazzolari

    I am not fond of clone any things, except maybe the Molecule One through Four clones on ebay, given that those scents are only one synthetic scent type in the first instance.

    I am at the point where I virtually never buy an entire bottle of anything blind. Or for that matter, buy a whole bottle at all. You absolutely cannot do it through B&B because of the ban on splits and decant--and do not try--but you can buy decants various places, and make friends and split bottles, to get to try more stuff than departments stores have.

    <It's an addictive hobby. The Youtube rabbit hole is a whole other realm you can use to get familiar with what's out there. There's lots to learn and no excuse to not be an educated consumer.'>

    I agree with that. It is addictive! You have been warned. I do not think there is anyone in particular on You Tube I would endorse unequivocally. It is probably still worth reading Luca Turin's writing on scent, although he does not seem to be very active anymore.
  12. Terre d'herbes EDT - Smells great and you will be able to find maybe a 50mL around your price range.
  13. If you're in the US, then you're better off looking at some artisan fragrances if you're in the <= $80 price range.

    Because their products are not targeted towards the EU market, artisan fragrances have the advantage of being able to contain a ton of oakmoss and achieve performance not seen since the 1980's. Your choices are vast, too.

    My favorites so far are Stirling Barbershop EdT, Barrister and Mann Fougère Aromatique EdT, and Chiseled Face Midnight Stag EdP.
  14. Really appreciate everyone's comments. I think I'm off to a good start.
  15. To echo what has been said already, you won't find a bottle of "niche" for under $80. As you mentioned, go to your Nordstrom and start sniffing. Take your time and see how each scent evolves on your skin. You will probably home in on a small handful of fragrances that you really like. There are reputable places online where you can buy samples of niche fragrances for not a lot of money (Luckyscent, ParfumsRaffy, Theperfumedcourt - there are plenty). You can buy small decants of fragrances that you like from places like basenotes and even the Bay, but the trick with that is you have to find reputable sellers.

    Good luck and enjoy the journey.
  16. Twisted Lily also offers two custom sample packs... U pick 5 @ $18 or U pick 10 @ $38.
    They also offer sample discovery collections of different houses.
    I bought a 10pc sample pack a few weeks ago. The samples are small, but plenty enough to wear and evaluate.

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