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Newbie Check-In

Hello All:
I've been lurking some time and I finally registered (so that I could PM letterk about his sampler packs), and I figured that I should probably check in. In other words, "HI!"

I've been using the Mach 3 for some time, and although I've never had any problems with it in terms of razor burn, nicks, etc., I've never been able to get a close shave on my neck with it; thus, I've scoured the Internet for help, eventually winding up here. Although I don't know whether shaving with a DE will help with that, in reading up, I've come to the conclusion that doing so will quite probably be significantly cheaper in the end (plus it's an interesting skill to have). To make a long story short, I've decided to take the plunge. I've just invested in a Merkur HD, a Vulfix brush, and some Nancy Boy shaving cream. I'll post my results from my first attempts at proper shaving.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes with everything, probably later this week.

Again, Hello Everyone!

Welcome! I switched over to the DE due to neck problems as well. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
I'm really happy to hear that, crispy. People think of Chicago as the Windy City - which actually refers to the political climate there in the early 1900s - but with the wind here in Boston (pretty much all the time, if you're near the river), the little hairs I can't shave on my neck drive me batty. =)
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