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Newb soap question

Quick question for you all, not shave soap but shower soap. As I continue reading soap, strops, hones etc to learn about this new SR venture and (hopefully) lifestyle change I pondered something in the shower this morning. There are great benefits to using shave soap due to the natural ingredients and restorative properties. Is there a benefit or should I look into natural shower soaps which would leave more of my own oils in place on my face and head (I'm bald), or am I just falling deeper into the rabbit hole?
Yes, real soap is tons better to use for cleaning your body. You could even use them instead of shampoo for your hair!
As soon as I started using real soap bbn in the place of mass production soap bars, body washes, and shampoo, I noticed a huge difference in the health of my skin.
I used to have eczema real bad that made my life absolutely miserable, but the last 4.5 years since switching to real soap has made it go away almost entirely.

If you know what you want in your soap ingredient wise, I'd even go as far as to incurrage you to learn to make your own bath soap. Is easy to do and usually cheap depending on the ingredients used.
I'm a big fan of using Castile soaps. The olive oil keeps it gentle while the coconut oil gives it that dish soap lathering and cleaning power.

Of course I'm a bit biased, since the ubiquitous SLS and SLHS synthetic detergents give me minor skin irritation. :001_rolle
I will second this. I used to battle acne on my face and body, nothing worked. In fact, everything I didn’t do when I was a kid with no acne made it worse. Cetaphil antibacterial (now pulled from shelves by the FDA I think for lack of effectiveness), washing multiple times a day, washing less than once a day to let my skin heal or something, using ivory or dove or body wash, and even Proactive and acne-fighting pads, while they worked a tiny bit, were both too expensive to use on my whole freaking chest, back, and shoulders as well as my face, and dried my face out and irritated it somethin’ awful.

So I pretty much suffered through puberty.

My 20’s brought little relief, so I had resigned myself to suffering through them, too, until a friend of mine referred me to African Black Soap. This stuff is amazing, I love it, it’s a subtle smell that doesn’t seem to linger so it won’t interfere with either your natural musk or your chosen scent, and it did more for my acne in a week of daily washing than anything else had in a month.
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