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New to the forum newly returning to straight razors.

Good evening from central TX all, many years ago I began using a straight razor since I was tired of the irritation and cost of disposables. I really enjoyed it and it became my morning relaxation before shift every third day. Every 3 days has for the last 20 years been about all I can stand on my chin since if I’m going to shave it better be BBS when I’m done. Not to mention a face mask on chin stubble with sweat soaking your entire body much less that scruff on the chin is nearly akin to attempted murder.

Then along came children after I married my amazing wife and uninterrupted time for a straight shave dropped rather quickly. Fast forward 9 years later and here I am picking it back up. I’ve forgotten many things about my face and many other things have changed. 7 shaves back in and once again I’m loving the time for me. My sons (7&4) think it is just the coolest thing that dad uses a straight razor.

Unfortunately the Hot water prep I used to do is not possible due to drought induced water restrictions. But I think a small tea kettle and some cool tap water will fix that problem.

Several old wester Bro’s razors one Dovo classsic and an unknown oddball that shaves pretty well.

Solingen 183wj strop as well as a home made horsehide strop that I used from the beginning days.

Old VDH boar brush and a newly purchased Semogue mistura which I am really liking.

I hone my own here at home since sending them out kind of negates one of the reasons for changing over to begin with.

Anyways that’s my introduction. Nice to join you folks.
I’m currently almost having to relearn just about all of it eternity face shape changes and hair type changes. Danged hard wiry whites on the chin and neck!!🤣


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Welcome to the forum from Australia. Thanks for taking the time to check in with us and share your story.
My little collection of Wester Bros razors.
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