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Had the roughest shave this week, not sure what went wrong (more than normal), Quattro, (last) new cartridge/blade, Gillete creme, hot shower, got out and my skin was on fire. I was done, no more blades left, time for a change.

At first I went looking for an Electric Razor, I know, I know, but I am going to be travelling overseas (still not sure how to get the blades over) and thought this would be the easiest thing.

With most things, I tend to like 'nice' things, well built, good quality, last a while, etc., as well as finer things (I grind my own beans and make Espresso daily with my trusty La Pavoni =). So after looking at the outrageous prices of the 'top-end' ERs out there I stumbled upon this article and it was all over. Of course I knew about DE/SR, my uncle used to use them, I just never bothered, until Monday. I decdied to jump in.

My first thought (as with most things) was to jump on the Vision, instead, I took it slow:


Tomorrow or Sunday I will give it my first shot on 3 or 4 days worth of growth; I've read up quite a bit, so wish me luck!
Welcome Xen!! Proraso was my introduction to wetshaving as well, I think you'll enjoy it! - Justin
Hi again Tim,
You have lucked into the right wet shaving forum for your interests. Aside from wet shaving (ho hum! BORING:001_rolle ) we've a large number of cute baby picture posters, and HLSheppard, the foremost artistic barrista on the internet. Did I get it right Howard?:lol:
Have fun! We all do.
I read the same article before jumping into wet shaving. But I had to sell my Merkur HD as it is way too aggressive as you are about to find out.

Try Gillette adjustable Fat Boy - I stay with options 1 and 2.
Decided to give it a go this morning (too much anticipation). Warm shower, pre-shave, decent lather (got to work on that) and off I went.

N/S, short good paced strokes, some teeny nicks (nothing out of the norm as I have a circular patch of hair on my neck), a nice cool rinse and some a/s, 20 minutes later and I was set.

The wife commented on it being the smoothest I've ever been! Zing!
If baby pics are common I can't leave her only photo posted the crazy one ;)


A few nice ones we snagged the other day:

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