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New to Shaving my Head. Some questions...

So I've been using an Oster 76 with a 000 blade to buzz my hair for the last few months. 38 years old, and very diffuse hair on top (started thinning at 18, went on propecia till 33, and then decided to stop and just accept it). No bald spots, but the hair is diffuse and greying, and so I've just decided it's time to accept things and shave it all off.

My first question is about perception...when I stand in the bathroom buzzing my head, with overhead lights, it looks really weird to me...but if the light isn't directly over my head, I think it looks great. Overhead lights seem to accentuate the greying, shine, blemishes, diffuse vs full areas etc.

I am wondering if a razor shave would be the better approach considering all of this. Is it just that the lighting is throwing me off, or might a razor shave be the best method for this stage of balding/greying? I can also go to a 00000 blade or something shorter on the Oster. Any thoughts on this?

I keep my beard trimmed with the Oster and a 1 or 2 guard typically. The greying of the beard I think looks good, and having facial hair a bit longer than the head hair definitely helps, but I don't love the feeling of my beard past a 3 guard, so I will continue to keep it trimmed once or twice a week.

Chest hairs are starting to grey too and I've been exploring trimming them down as well (Using a 2 guard right now). Thoughts on trimming/shaving chest hair even closer? Main concern on the chest hair is itching. Would love to get rid of all of it, but not sure if that will be an itching nightmare.

Anyway, these are just some newb questions to start off with. Looking forward to learning more about grooming and taking optimal care of my hair and skin as I approach my 40s. Thanks!
I had hair loss so I used to buzz cut my hair, which worked just fine and looked ok. I just got tired of the mess it made, and you could still see the U shaped bald spot on my head. I decided to go ahead and shave my head, and I prefer safety razors because I like it smooth. Electric shavers and carts work fine as well, but it feels best for me to use a safety razor.

My best head shavers are my Henson razors, Karve Overlander, Gamechanger 76 SS, and TRC SS.
My best cart for head shave is my Headblade LE Moto.

Give head shaving a try and see if you like it is what I recommend. It's really just personal preference. With my Henson razors, I can shave my head FAST with no nicks or cuts.

If you don't care about feeling smooth, I would just trim it as close as possible above the surface of the skin so there is no irritation or itching.
I started head shaving back in April. I began with an electric 7D shaver, which I used wet in the shower, and is fine for a quick head shave when I don't have lots of time.

Otherwise I use a Leaf razor with either 2 or 3 half-DE blades loaded in the bottom slots. It's a very good head shaver and will get the dome very smooth. I find the Leaf easier to use than a traditional DE where head shaving is concerned; the pivoting head helps with the contours, and the long handle is great for the back of the head and neck.
I maintained a buzz with clippers when hair started significant thinning about 25 years ago. One day, out of curiosity and because scarcely anything was growing on top anyway, I tried the full shave. Ever since, I have been taking a blade to the dome. Not for looks, but for how awesome the smooth cue ball feels. Also, cleanup of the shaving area is much easier than chasing down clipped hairs.

When I discovered traditional shaving in 2020, the Henson razor was new and much discussed. The Henson was the first razor to give me a smooth BBS on the back fringe; not even the Gillette Mach 5 could match the smoothness. I prefer the medium version Henson. I have not experienced the version 2. Hensons come up quite frequently in BST.
The best way to do this is to take the plunge and see if you like it. I went from number 1 clipper (I think) to full dome shave because my girlfriend at the time said to me, I view as just bald anyway so you might as well do it. We, as the owners of the head in question, think that people think, "oh what a nice buzz cut" or whatever when in all honesty - if we are balding, we are balding. No buzz cut at 1, 0, or 000 will make them think otherwise despite the fact that we can tell the difference. I took the plunge and was terrified because it was a huge difference at the time (to me). I did not go back. It is also much faster and easier to get it done in the shower. I use an Overlander and you can search for my method that I've posted back multiple times in the forum.

Take one of the long weekends off from work - do it right when you get home - if you don't like it, it will be back to a 000 by Monday or Tuesday.
I’ve been shaving my head for a number of years. I shave my face daily and try to head shave every 3rd or 4th day. I get the most comfortable head shave with a Rockwell 6S (plate 4) and an Astra SP blade. My only complaint about this kit is if I have four days growth, the razor clogs frequently. I’ve got a Yaqi Mellon razor on order and will try it on my head when it arrives.
Happy shaves.
I currently have the Leaf Thorn, Leaf Shave . . .
I'm probably using the Leaf Thorn about 95% of the time right now, but the issue is, it's taking me around 45 minutes or longer on average to do a head shave, and it is taking quite a few passes to get a result I am happy with.
I would not recommend purchasing any razors at this point. Between the Thorn and the Leaf, I think you have two of the finest head shaving tools. Spending more $ will not get you the results you seek. I remember when I started shaving the dome it took me a bit of time and practice to get it done in a more reasonable amount of time. Just a few bits of advice from my own experience:

Are you changing out blades often enough to always have sharp ones doing the work? One of the benefits of traditional shaving: the blades are significantly less expensive than cartridges.

Stretch the skin on the back of the head as best you can by
1. putting your chin on your chest
2. use your free hand to pull your scalp forward from the crown
The across the grain pass is the money pass for me on the back fringe.
Wow, good thread! I have been thinking about this for a while now. I actually do not have thinning hair. My hairline receded in my 30s and just kind of stayed where it is - power alleys with a widows peak. the rest of it is very thick, grows ridiculously fast and is a pain to keep controlled, especially now that gray hairs are showing up. I buzzed my hair really short (#4 comb) many years ago in the 90s, but people said they were afraid of me for some reason, so I haven't tried it again. I loved it when I had it though. It was comfortable and easy to take care of.

I am guessing a shaved/buzzed head doesn’t attract much notice nowadays? I certainly don't think twice about it when I see other men with shaved or buzzed close heads. Also, I am older (50), so it might not seem out of place? I know, I am out of touch with what's normal now. In my defense, I have three teenagers!


Shaving your head is different than buzzing, may take some time to ge used to the look and feel.
If you decide to shave, use a cart or disposable you will miss some spots.....with time you will get better and then use whichever razor you want.....
I have been buzzing my head with Wahl clippers for over ten years. I recently bought a Remingtom Balder Pro for head shaving. I like it. It will never shave as close as a blade but close enough. Much closer than the Wahl clippers. Used lectric shave as a preshave today with good results. There are cheaper head shavers and some much more expensive but im happy so far.
I'm not bald but I shaved my head for a couple years with a DE razor. What really helped is a hot shower and olive oil as a preshave oil. The oil was a must. It feels very weird in the beginning but you will get used to it. The trick is to get the first WTG pass properly once you got that one the other passes will be easier to perform and you'll end up with no nicks. You really need to take your time since it's very different compared to shaving your face.
I shave my head once evry 3 months, and I do a buzz cut on a weekly basis
When I shave my head, I do a buzz cut first and then I shave it. I'm using KCG razor, it has longer handle and it's mild, so I usualy need 3 passes. It feels good tbh
The best way to do this is to take the plunge and see if you like it...


Whether head or chest, just try it.

I shave my head every fourth day because I'm too lazy to do it more frequently. My tools are varied:

- Blackland Vector (AC)
- Shield Predator (GEM)
- Razorock Hawk V3 (AC)
- Razorock Hawk Eco (DE half-blade)
- Leaf (DE half-blade)

The Leaf is a nice, autopilot shave but takes me a bit more effort to get BBS because of the pivoting head. Still a capable shaver.

I prefer the others because rigid (non-pivoting) blade is easier when I'm trying to get stubborn spots during touchup, especially around my ears.

The most aggressive of the bunch is the Eco, and I find that it will punish me if I'm careless or in a hurry. My favorite is the Vector, followed closely by the Predator. The Hawk V3 (safety bar) is well made and a great value for a stainless steel razor, but is a bit less efficient than both the Vector and Predator.

Ironically, I've never used a DE razor. 😄

Old Hippie

Somewhere between 61 and dead
Man, for years I shaved my head with an electric razor. It was OK; just go in and do it every 2-3 days. When I changed to wet-shaving I found the better shave I'd always wanted. I have (or had back then) an "island" of hair in the front of my scalp. Either keep it cut short and it would stand straight up, or grow it long enough to lie down and it was always in my eyes like a Highland steer. :)

I'd say embrace the grey. If you shave off every grey hair, you'll be a human cue ball. If that's what you want, rock it. But remember that as long as you're breathing it will tend to grow back. I tend to have a personal limit on the amount of time I'll spend trying to look younger or less grey. I look like an old dude who shaves his head; quelle surprise that's exactly what I am.

I shave my head once a week. I usually use a Wahl Elite Pro, zero gapped.
Sometimes I’ll use my FOCS which is easy enough to remove a weeks worth without clogging, but it takes longer and is messier.
I shave my head every other day (usually) and since SEptember I am using a Schick Type G1 for that exclusively. The injector format just works for me. Two easy passes to DFS. I like the smooth feel, but it’s not what I always must have. And even when I am BBS the colour of my hair still comes through.

As mentioned before I just took the plunge and decided to do it one day. Frankly, I never looked back since.

Enjoy your journey!

I recently had my head buzzed very short to show solidarity with brother, who is in chemo. I went to my barber, as I didn’t trust myself to do it on my own. He used a #3 comb and. 1.5 comb for the fade/blend on sides and back. It took a bit to get used to it, but I liked it. It’s grown out about about two weeks now and I really like both the way it looks and the ease of dealing with it.

I have a red beard, so many have told me I loo like an Irish gangster, but not in a bad way. 😂

I plan to go once more to the barber to make sure I’ve spied on his technique sufficiently, and will then try on my own, using the many great tips in this thread. So glad I finally pulled the trigger on this, and thanks for this great thread!

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