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Newbie - How to Shave your Head?

What do you use to shave your head?

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Hello B&B members!

Last year, male pattern baldness caught up to me and I started losing a lot of hair. I decided to bite the bullet and go bald and have loved it ever since.

However, I shave with a Gillette Mach3 razor and get cuts and nicks around the temple area and I feel the blades snagging the hair instead of cutting it. Also, it takes me about 30 - 45 minutes to get a smooth close shave.

I want a better way to shave my head (and also facial hair) and prevent cuts/nicks/irritation and reduce the time it takes to shave while still getting a smooth close shave.

What products do you use to shave your head to achieve this?
Razorock Eco with half a DE blade, 2 passes in 7-8 minutes but I haven’t looked at the time lately. Fatip Open Comb Slant when I’m traveling - not as close as the Eco but very safe to use - at least for me.

Welcome to Badger and Blade!

I made the same decision a little bit over a year ago. I started shaving my head with an electric shaver, which was good enough to get used to the process, but I wanted a closer shave, so started exploring double edge razors.

I experimented with several DE razors, and while all gave me a decent shave, it took a long time because I had trouble finding the angle, the handle wasn't long enough, or the shave wasn't close enough. I therefore bought the Leaf razor, which is sort of a hybrid between a double edge razor and a cartridge razor. It uses DE blades, but you can load one, two or three blades depending on your confidence and shaving needs. It has a pivoting head, so hugs and follows the shape of your skull, and is very well made. It isn't cheap, but I haven't looked back: I use the Leaf every other day, and it gives me consistently close shaves. I don't use the Leaf for face shaving - for that, I have a decent collection of single and double edge razors that I use in rotation. I reserve the Leaf only for head shaves.

To begin with, it took me about 20 minutes to shave my head properly, but now that my technique's developed, it takes about 10 minutes. Everything gets faster and easier with practice, as you develop muscle memory, a reliable routine, and map where your trouble areas are.

But everyone is different. Some people find shaving with DE or even a single edge razor the best way for them, so it's worth trying out different razor types to find what suits you.
I jumped right into DE razors from Mach 3 cartridges for head shaves about a year ago and it's now something I look forward to every day or so. I typically do one thorough WTG pass with a medium aggression razor, my second pass is really just a quick clean up for (WTG again mainly with some XTG for trouble spots), I avoid ATG because it just doesn't feel worth the irritation risk to me. Start to finish I'm usually done in under 10 minutes.

I haven't tried any of the Leaf razors but a lot of people swear by them. Rockwell 6C on plate 4 was my go-to for the bulk of last year, but I recently purchased a handful of the RazoRock Game Changers and Lupos. I have the Lupo .72OC and Game Changer .84, when used with the RazoRock's Titanium Halo handle there's no comparing either razor to the Rockwell 6C, both are in a different league in my opinion. I also bought the Lupo Aluminum (only $40), and while it doesn't give me quite as close a shave as the Lupo .72OC or Game Changer .84, I still find myself grinning for the entire shave.
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