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New RazoRock!

I just received my new RazoRock Game Changer Safety Bar .84P w/ Bulldog Handle from Italianbarber. My favorite razors are Techs and NEWs so I think I will like this one. So far I am very impressed! This is a very nice razor, period. At $60 or $100, I would be hard pressed to really find much to complain about.

I am going to give it a try tomorrow, but so far, I am a fan!
That is a nice razor you just bought & I have one also like many others, it is kind of in the mid range but smoother than a lot of other mid range razors IMO.
If you down the road you want a little more aggression just buy a few tucks of Kai SS DE blades because they are a little wider than a Standard Gillette and give greater blade exposure. I like my RR GC . 84 with a Kai blade, as a daily driver a regular blade works well also.
Enjoy! Have some great shaves!
I took it for a spin this morning. Overall, this is a great razor! I have a heavy beard and my typical shave is basically 4 passes. I prefer razors that are efficient but smooth. I am not a fan of razors with lots of blade feel or who are otherwise "aggressive". If I have to choose, I will go smooth rather than efficient and use an assorted bag of tricks to get to BBS.

My normal go-to's are Techs and NEWs. I have a vintage Barbasol hidden somewhere. I tried it for one pass, put it down and then carefully backed away without making any sudden moves. Holding a DE blade in my hand would be less aggressive than that monster, but I digress.

That said, the GC .84P SB fits the bill nicely! Today's shave was with MWF Soap, Proraso Pre-Shave and a Gillette "Newede" (New Package "Swedes" from Russia). I did my normal 3 passes with a touch-up pass. I got a DFS, the issue was more getting used to the razor than the razor itself. Next shave will probably be a BBS.

The GC is efficient but smooth. It has a hair more blade feel than a Tech but nothing that is outside of my comfort zone. Most razors have more blade feel than the Tech. A sponge has more blade feel than a Tech :)

Also, a tad bit of chatter going ATG on the upper lip, but maybe that was the MWF drying out as it tends to do this time of year.

No irritation, no cuts, no sobs, no gnashing of teeth, no fuss. A solid shave from a solid razor! I am very happy with the purchase and will likely be recommending this razor after I have had more time with it.
Great choice. The .84 Game Changers are fabulous smooth shavers and an incredible value. I eventually moved up to an open comb and have pretty much used nothing else for 10 months now. You will grow to love it.


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Sounds great. Glad that it is working for you. Any chance of a photo? We loves our photos.
Shave #2 with the new razor. I used proraso pre-shave, Mike's Natural Soaps Orange + etc.., 444+Figaro Bluice as an aftershave and the same Newede as Shave #1. I did my normal 4 pass shave. I got to a BBS with no irritation.

I am getting the hang of this new razor. The chatter was very likely due to me not adjusting the Fat to our dryer winter air. That was probably the source of the little bit of blade feel as well. This shave was just plain smooth.

I think this razor is more efficient than a Tech and right around the same area as a NEW. To get to the BBS, I had to do a little bit of skin stretching as well as a few other items from the bag of tricks to tackle the usual trouble spots. I will say this razor is mild enough to do some buffing without risking irritation or cuts. That came in handy as well.

I am getting the hang of this one. I will say that it is definitely what I was looking for and I am impressed with it! Once I finish up with this blade, I will post a picture.
Shave #3, yep this is between a Tech and a NEW. I loosened the handle about 1/16th and got nice and close today. It is a great razor at a great price. Can't really find anything wrong with it. I give it a Thumbs Up!
Today I went back to my 50's English Ball-End Tech loaded with the same blade make/model as the GC for comparison. The shave is basically the same. Both get to a BBS pretty much the same way on my face, same tricks, same trouble spots, same path to fixing the trouble spots. Both leave very little to no irritation, very little to no cuts. Stubble usually takes about 4 hours to grow out after I use either to break up the BBS.

Pressed for a difference, the Tech is a tad easier to use around the neck due to the shorter handle. It is a little more zippy. But both get me to the same place the same way.

Considering this Tech is one of my absolute favorite razors, so much so I bought 2 more of the same model to make sure I never am without it, this is the best compliment I can give. For the price, quality and performance, I would recommend this razor! Treat it like a Tech and you will get absolutely awesome shaves!


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Italian Barber needs permission to use owner glamor shots like the one you’ve shared, @FloppyJoe Their web pics make it look alright, but your pic makes it look like “Where’s my Game-Changer? I want to shave with a Game-Changer, too!”
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