New production or counterfeit Wizamet super iridium blades

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    [​IMG] Hello all,
    After purchasing a small quantity of Wizamet super iridium blades a while back from a seller that was recommended I realized that the blade worked very well for me and kept a watch out for the same seller to restock or another seller to have some up for sale.
    Fast forward to a week ago and I was able to purchase a sleeve of 250 from a seller for ~$40. Upon receiving the blades i took one out of the package and attempted to shave with it with poor results. Upon further inspection and comparison to my older stock I realized that the packaging was slightly different and was different that what the seller had listed for pictures.

    What I am wondering is if the attached pictures are just of a new or different production or if these are the counterfeit Wizamet blades popping up again with a slightly different look and less spelling errors.

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  1. malocchio

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    the real Wizamets came from LODZ Poland.... I can't read the box , what does it say ?
  2. They look like the real deal.


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  3. +1! And they are EXCELLENT IME!!
  4. ajkel64

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    The writing on the box is quite blurry, can you post another photo or tell us where it says that it was made.
  5. The country code is USA but that is where the company is based, reading the first 3 digits after the 3. However they could be manufactured anywhere in the world according to the rules. The packaging makes reference to P&G and Wizamet is one of the trademarks they own. It is not unknown for barcodes to be misused on fake products though.
    I would suggest use a full tuck before deciding on the blades.
  6. malocchio

    malocchio Contributor

    Don't forget, when Russia took control of Wizamet blades they did not change the labels...
  7. Just got back from work, country of origin looks to be Russia while the previous order that had outstanding blades was from Australia, the date on the package is also one of the things I was suspect of as it is listed as 2017. pic is side view of the 250 sleeve

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  8. Hello,
    It's been a long time since last time I write at B&B.
    Just a clarification, as far as I know in the last decade or so the Wizamets have been sold under two brands: Polsilver Stainless and Iridium Super. I haven't been able to find Polsilver Stainless from about 2014, all the Polsilver Stainless was made in Lodz, Poland but nevertheless the production of Iridium Super was moved to Sant Petersburg.
  9. malocchio

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    I'm pretty sure Russia was producing both blades , however they did not change the box or wrapper, I assume to save money on desingning a new " made in Russia " box and wrapper...Lodz Polsilver's are a superb blade and last time I looked in Ireland still had a supply of the genuine Polish Polsilvers. I bought mine from them and as I requested , they were kind enough to ship the original 250 blade Lodz Wizamet box....
  10. Pics of Wizamet Iridium Super I got during the last year and pics of the last Wizamet Polsilver blades I got a few years ago:
    SI II.jpg
  11. I agree with you, Lodz Polsilver's are a superb blade, what I meant when I say I haven't been able to find Polsilver Stainless since about 2014 is I haven't been able to find them in brick and mortar stores here in Spain
  12. Just an update. I had messaged the seller with pics of the blades I had received compared to pics on their listing which differed as well as some from here, without a reply the seller accepted the return no questions asked.
    The only reason I was able to spot the fakes is I thankfully had purchased a set of genuine blades from milogciachez which are in the correct packaging and provide a stellar shave experience compared to the order I had to return to a different seller.
    Thank you everyone for the fast reply's and great pics.

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