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New (old) razor! Thistle Cut Co.

I was poking around an antique shop this morning and found a sweet looking little straight for about 15$. It's 5/8 spike tip hollow ground (don't tihnk it's full hollow, but close). Black plastic (bakelite?) scales with gorgeous Victorian designs at both ends. It smiles near the tip and frowns near the heel. Stamp reads Thistle Cut Co. New York USA. It's sharp and can cut (ok, rip) arm hair, but will take some elbow grease to actually get shave worthy. I was able to give the proprietress a little less on straight razors, too :)

I found a couple of notes on SRP that Thistle Cut Co is a decent blade, but right now I'm trying to date it. I found somewhere that the company was in business from 1890-1917 or so, but can't confirm it. The design on the scales seems to support that era, but I was wondering if anyone here happened to know anything about the company?

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