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Hi all, new member here. I have returned to wet shaving after a few years of trying out a beard. I started with a Mach 3 many many moons ago and always hated it and would skip more days than I would shave. Then I happened across a post war fat handle tech in a thrift store. Even with canned foam and whatever blades I could find, I was getting better shaves. Then sometime around 2017 I got a norelco one blade that I used for years. The shave was never as close as I’d like, but I could get it done quickly with no irritation. Fast forward to a couple years ago and I heard an ad for Henson razors on a podcast. I had already given up on the norelco by then, and was ready to start shaving again. After the first shave with the Henson, I got the bug pretty bad and immediately ordered a Rockwell 6s, a few PAA soaps and brush, then a few vintage gillettes. I now am getting the best shaves with no irritation. I know I have not yet reached the pinnacle of great shaves, but the journey has been an enjoyable one. I have learned a lot from this forum and am looking forward to growing more.
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