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New Lisa's Natural Soap Base

I don’t buy duplicates very often, but I just bought a third tub of Florida Freeze. My first tub of “Premium,” her prior high-end base, is almost gone. I only use it during heat waves in Seattle (which don’t happen often) or while on holiday in a hot environment. The last two weeks I was in Hawaii, and used Florida Freeze every day, just as I did for 14 days last year in Hawaii. My first tub is getting low, though I have a second tub of the Premium (which is a 3 oz tub, and very soft, so I always use too much product—it’s vacation, so why not?). Still, I love this scent/performance so much, I decided to buy a third tub, this time in the new base. I just want to make sure I have enough to last me.

I’ve tried a couple of other Lisa’s soaps in the new base, and PIF’d them to friends. I like the old base better than the new (just like Declaration Grooming), but the scent and menthol combo of Florida Freeze creates my favorite hot weather soap.
Lisa's soaps are great on all levels and she's a great person to deal with. I have almost every scent that she offers now and enjoy every shave. Great lather with plenty of cushion and slickness, and the post-shave feel is excellent.
Lisa is great to deal with her gentleman’s lavender, and Florida freeze are my favorites I also occasionally use a few pre shave oils which work well and I use her post shave balm in gentleman lavender, cedar and saffron are my favorites in the balm. My wife likes lisa’s Lotion and her shampoo bars. The shipping is always quick and I always get a good lather out of her soaps and so far they seam to be lasting.
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