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Moon Soap Review (Non-Technical) - Warmest Regards

I recently did a blind buy of a tub of Warmest Regards from Moon Soaps and thought I'd pass along my thoughts. This won't be a technical review because I don't really consider myself a connesieurre of shave soap and don't know how to measure things like "glide" or "cushion" in my lather. I do bowl lather, typically, and use a synthetic brush if any of that matters.

I'm under the impression Moon Soaps is a Mom and Pop sort of operation, based on their website and on the fact I got an actual handwritten note included with my order. Knowing I was dealing with a person, not just a company, was kind of refreshing. Truth be told, I'm also a bit of a sucker when it comes to good label art and I really like thier aesthtetic. Anyway... On to the soap.

Warmest Regards contains: Water, Beef Tallow, Stearic Acid, Castor Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Grapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Fragrance Oil, Glycerin and touts scent notes of Amber, Tonka, Oud, Rum and Musk. Off the puck, the scent is pretty strong and I immediately got the nutty, cinnamon notes from the Tonka (bean) and the heavy, darker scents of oud, rum and musk, all of which are nicely balanced out by the amber. The rum and musk, I think, blend with the oud and make them harder for me to pick out. Everything combined into a deep, dark, rich fragrance overall. The spousal unit loved the scent right off the puck, while I liked it but, at the same time I cocked an eyebrow; I just wasn't 100% convinced. Once lathered, the scent mellowed, and I was very happy with it. It hits my very nasal nose as deep and rich, with a balancing brightness that keeps it from getting broodish.

Not knowing how to lather this soap, I lathered it like a Stirling soap. If you're a Stirling user, you know what I mean. Warmest Regards strikes me as being a bit "thirsty" but lathered as easily as any soap I've used. We have very soft water in my house, due to having a house-wide water-softener system installed, so if your water is particularly hard your proverbial mileage will most likely vary. The jar is smaller in diameter than what I'm used to, which is fine, and a big lip which made swirling the brush, without making a mess, easy. The soap gathered up just as I would expect and I moved to my bowl. I added water and swirled until I saw the "sheen" that tells me the lather is shave-ready. On my hands the lather felt great, with a thick, noticeably velvety texture.

The shave went perfectly well. I used a full Tatara Masamune setup with a new Gillette GSB and got a great shave. No nicks, no weepers. Feedback from my alum block was next to nothing. Post-shave face-feel (which I judge about fifteen minutes after having shaved) was noteworthy. I don't know if you can relate, but sometimes I get shave so good I don't want even want to apply after-shave because my face just feels THAT good. This was one of those shaves.


As my order arrived... Complete with handwritten note, a sample of Astoria soap,
and a fun little "Moon" sticker (which I love, btw).



A full 6 oz. of soap, in a slightly smaller diameter container.


The "Beauty Shot"



Not going to lie, also a sucker for labels, a.k.a. the wine bottle effect (?)

A great value considering they're 6oz tubs, and Old School (the only Moon soap/splash I've tried) is definitely one of my favourites. Thankfully it's also one of my wife's favourites as well. I can't dissect the technical side of it either, at least with any granularity, but the soap performs well for me.
I have Moon Soaps Union, and it is a fabulous soap. I've been eyeing Warm Regards or Havanna as my next Moon Soap purchase. Thanks for the write-up and your impressions.
I ended up buying a tub of Moon's Amaretto soap and aftershave balm (their website has both together as a package deal). I found the soap to be very good (and quite soft); I haven't tried the aftershave balm yet. Both smell strongly of amaretto, with that syrupy cherry scent. It's good enough that I've taken the lid off just to sniff it now and again. Highly recommended!


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Moon soaps are fantastic, I have several and am never disappointed.
I'm currently resisting ordering a jar of both Union and Bixby (because I need more shave soap as much as I need another hole in my head), but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to hold out.
...This won't be a technical review because I don't really consider myself a connesieurre of shave soap and don't know how to measure things like "glide" or "cushion" in my lather.
Great review, if you ask me. Lots of good information and extra cookie points for posting the ingredients list.
Thanks for posting and for pictures. Enabling indeed.
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