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New FS 26mm finest with faux horn has landed (pic heavey)

Nice brush! It being a "bigger" brush, curious why your just wetting the tips? Do you keep the rest of the brush dry? What benefits do you get from this?

I ask as I've recently purchased a big brush. Love it, but am still honing in on its optimal use and I've never taken this approach...

Well I shower shave 99% of the time and this brush is quite big for me, my other brushes are Duke 1, case, special etc so small and in pure. I've found that I like a kinda thinner lather than most as this is what the smaller brush does generate for me in the shower. So I've found that just the tips gives me the same kinda effect. Saying that I have been sink shaving with Proraso in the past few days and getting this brush to really lather up a storm by fully wetting the hair. Either way I can report still no hair loss.
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