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New blue Proraso + new Musgo Real shaving creams - WHERE TO BUY ONLINE !

Hello fellow B&B'ers, I salute you :straight:

I need to find an online shop that sells these new released products:

* Proraso Blue shaving cream in tube - aloe and licorise smell, very subtle
* Musgo Real Orange Amber, Musgo Real Lavender & Musgo Real Lime Basil

Do I really need to travel to Italy and Portugal to get hold of these nice shaving creams :001_tt2:
Not that I don't want to - but I'm going to France for 2 weeks and don't think I'm in a position where I can reroute 'my' plain, so that I can travel via Portugal and Italy, how nice it may sound :biggrin1:

Can anyone help with information ?

Thanks !
2ND shave musgo lime basil , again scent is not very strong at all , great lather , slick ,creamy , skipped aftershave so I notice face felt moisturized . nice cream .. but nothing to get to exited about ,
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