New Black Ark, now what

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    It doesn't add up. I believe what you are saying but hard Ark and friable just doesn't go together. The really soft arks, some even carrying a Washita label are the only ones I have seen that could be described as friable. I think that stone is probably miss cast. It doesn't make the stone any less useful though.
  1. When I say friable ..... it’s soft. I easily over lapped in a chamfer and chipped corner it’s odd but it’s less dense but the way I have it finished finer grit and slower than Washita...
  2. It's odd for me to see these Arks getting all this love. When the water stones came along everyone I know went that direction for their knifes and woodworking tools.I just never changed over and when I started with straights about a year ago I just used what I had. I think I have a couple coticules coming though, really curious.
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    Biglo13...... The only white, supposedly, hard Ark I've seen that is friable is a reconstituted one that I picked up. An Arkaram, I believe they are called. It's neither hard or dense. Seller called it a hard. Cuts like a fiend for certain applications, I've never tried a razor on it.
  4. I’ll ask seller.... natural whetstones
  5. Curious to hear, I have read several people prefer their soft arks over Dan's. My Dan's soft seems very fine, but I am newish to this. Waiting on a turkey washita to arrive to see how it is, then probably a hard , black and black trans from Natural Whetstone co. missed a great deal from a member on here on a three stone set.
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    Biglo13, I got a "white hard" slip stone from Natural Whetstones. I'm positive it's Arkaram also. Yes, the seller's ad clearly said hard. Maybe from reconstituted compressed hard dust? Arkaram may be a brand name but I use it for convenience to describe compressed Arks. I also erroneously call any Ark that's not a hard trans or black, a Washita. Never tried a razor on an Arkaram. I've been giving my Natural Whetstones soft Ark the stink eye for a long time. I think I'll re lap it and give it another chance....

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