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New arrivals... gone a little crazy, lately...

I've been in a BAD and RAD mood, lately... First up: custom Shavemac 177, 20mm knot, 45 mm loft, in finest. Followed by 3 new razors: Mergress, Lady Gillette Blue (for my wife), and a Bull Mastiff with NEW head from Bob. On the way is a Rooney Heritage Stubby medium and Tony Miller Red Latigo w/Linen...
That Lady is in great shape.

Interested in hearing how the Bull Mastiff Shaves with a NEW head.

The Bull Mastiff is good. I have been using straights exclusively for nearly a year, so I suppose I am used to a more aggressive shave. But I like it quite a lot. I bought a couple of DEs because I was skipping shaving some mornings due to time constraints. The NEW head that came with Bob's Bull Mastiff handle is USA version. Now I'm curious about what a British version would be like. I am going to try the Bull Mastiff today with a new Feather blade, to see if that ratchets up the aggressiveness... The razor itself is gorgeous. Heavy, built to last forever. Feels awesome.

I did find the Lady Gillette too mild a shaver, which is good for my wife's legs, I guess. She has yet to get up the courage to try it. But I am chucking the disposable M3s on her... now she'll have no choice....Muuaaawwwwhahahahahaha.
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