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Nerve Impingement in Neck

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Any of you guys experience this? I think I may have fallen victim to crappy posture while sitting at work. Either that, or these pushups are doing me more harm than good!

A tightness I can feel in the side of my neck (if I make circles with my head slowly, I can hit the spot and ZING!), that sometimes makes my left hand go all PINS and NEEDLES on me.:thumbdown

Ever experience this? Know of any good stretches? I got a deep tissue massage which helped a bit, but I know I have to work on it myself as well.

This happened to me once from a lot of hard knocks in my youth. My head was darned near ripped off a few times doing mixed martial arts and various other falls & fights.

The mri showed where the nerve is bulging out between the neck vertabrae.

The symptoms were that I had incredible pain in my shoulder that no meds would cure. I was practically crying like a baby at night for about a week. I went in for the shoulder and that's when they found the herniation.

I was scheduled for PT and the problem went away before I got in. It literally shut off like a switch and has stayed that way ever since (two years and counting.)

Given that head motion gives you nervelike effects all the way down your arm you might have a similar situation. I suggest getting some good medical advice before you try to fix it yourself. You might make things worse!

Good luck!
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I agree...go see a D.O. and ask for PT. He may order an MRI to see what's going on. PT did amazing things for me after my car accident. What's humorous is that some of the exercises seem so dumb, yet they are hugely beneficial.
Had a similar problem myself and it was 100% due to poor posture and FHP (forward head posture). I've got 5 computer screens encircling me a work, and it was just brutal. I had always been skeptical of Chiropractors, but finally broke down and went to see one for about 3 months. He gave me the "adjustments" (a lot of popping, etc), but it did help. He was also great about giving me stretches. If I find the link, I'll send it to you. They are really easy and will help the supporting muscles.

As strange as this sounds, have them check your feet! That's where it starts...gradually over time, your feet can start to flatten out (most likely at different paces) and you can be doing damage even walking around or standing).

Do you sit most of the day while working?
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