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I have recently discovered this 100% italian olive oil soap, it has a very pleasant fragrance and lathers extremely well and is very gentle on the skin. As far as I can tell it will last a good while as well, and at $3.99 a 3 pack its easy on the wallet as well.
Are you using this as a shaving soap, or as a bathign soap? If you are using it as a shaving soap - how potent is the smell, and does it interfeer with your shaving creams? Do you use the soap on its oen?
I am using it as a bathing soap but I really feel it would make a good shave soap as well. Ill give it a shot and let you know what I think.


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I see the low initial price or 2 and change per bar but I’m finding it at roughly $30 for 6 with shipping and strange taxes or additions or 30 on Amazon all in. I’ve used olive oil soap before and liked it but this one isn’t so economical.
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