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Need some ideas on reshaping a pipe


Wiped out at 25

So many moons ago I was into that huge poker pipe fad and bought this massive rough briar from Mark Tinsky and carved the behemoth above.
Fast forward 5 years and now it doesn't do anything for me.
So any ideas on what to reshape it to? I was thinking a volcano, maybe a shallow pot etc. The chamber must be 2" deep so I can cut it down a lot.

Any other ideas?


Wiped out at 25
I just realized upon taking some test puffs that I never refined the stem too lol, never noticed how sharp the button was. Amazing what a few months of experience does to educate a person!
I think pot for ease of shaping and billiard for the challenge. That cross grain is perfect for that.
I think a Castello 55 would work nicely. The current stem could be shaped a bit more without too much effort to get the taper and the 55 shape is not too drastic of a change from the current status.


Wiped out at 25
I beveled the bottom of the pipe so there isn't enough material on the bottom to do that jutting chin shape, sadly. Not really digging smooth finishes anymore so I might rusticated.


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With that grain, a Dublin might be nice.

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I was going to post that picture of Jennifer Lopez' rear, because it makes for a lovely pipe shape, but I didn't want to be redundant.
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