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[Need Recommendations] Scent/Perfume Allergies

Newly registered, long time wet-shaver,

So, in recent years, my wife has developed allergies/sensitivities to fragranced products. Soaps, Candles, Cleansers, and Cosmetics. Some more natural products seem to not trigger these effects. However when they do, she describes it as irritating/burning her throat/sinuses. Obviously this is a problem as I enjoy fine shaving products with traditional scents (Bay Rum, Lime, Sandalwood etc.).

I've come here in hopes that there are people here with similar sensitivities/allergies who have found scented products which don't trigger these physical reactions and could make some recommendations because finding products that are safe in my home has become increasingly difficult.

Kind Regards,
Well, if I find any, I suppose I'll share here. I can't be the only person who deals with this.
If I put on too much or too long lasting of an after shave cologne or EDP or EDT my wife complains the same. If I like a scent I will usually get a captain's choice aftershave. If I put it on in the morning it's usually gone within the next hour or two. So by the time I get home there's no scent.

Sometimes I like what I like and I'll just live with the consequences.
In my case she complains about her throat burning with even just my shaving creams. It used to not be this way, I don't know what's worse, her developing this allergy or me having it by proxy.
Have you considered an unscented soap & witch hazel for an aftershave splash? I’m sorry I don’t have any recommendations for scented products that may not trigger your wife.
I have allergies and am sensitive to most strong scents. I.ll sneeze repeatedly, and even cough and get a headache. My wife is sensitive to most frgrances I use. I pretty much can’t use eau de toilet or cologne around her. And I can’t use much myself, or I will sneeze. Some aftershave splashes are really strong. I have been diluting some of them with witch hazel. I also dilute some creams with unscented ones. Proraso white is very inoffensive to both of us. And I love it. Lotsa lime notes.
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