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Low Ingredient Soaps Around Allergies?

These posts have reflected my experiences too. I am also allergic to the ingredients used to add fragrances to products.... This according to my dermatologist.... I've had very good luck with Canada Shaving soap (also my very top soap) as well as Stirling unscented with beeswax.

I am growing quite fond of Grooming Department Pura, their unscented soap at the moment.. with another one due out soon.
I'm also going to suggest Canada. I'm not sure it will pass allergy-wise but it's ingredients list is quite short. It is also a fantastic product overall and my number one favorite.

Good luck!
I third Canada Shaving Soap! I suffer from irritation and burning sensations while using scented soaps and Canada is phenomenal. No issues whatsoever.

I also have MdC Nature which I tried today for the first time and it was fantastic. It was a little drying but I’ll see how it goes when I use it more. Canada isn’t drying at all.
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