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Need help in Portugal (Algarve)!


I'm in the Algarve (Tavira) and have had a really tough time finding shaving gear. I don't have a mailbox so buying stuff online is not really an option. Does anyone have any advice on stores that in the Eastern Algarve? I know its a longshot but thought I'd throw it out there. I also prefer to buy in person as I like to smell what I'm buying too...lol. I'm looking for soaps, brushes, de razors and especially blades!

I'm sadly stuck with a King C Gillette DE (purchased at Continente) and its godawful blades.

I don't have advice, sadly. However, my son just took his wife to your country and was so impressed at how welcoming people were, how absolutely friendly and amazing they were. I have never been there, but now I would love to visit. My son said that not only are you welcoming, the food is amazing.
No chance that you'll get a mailbox? I traded some stuff with a member from Portugal, but it's been several years ago. There are some good shaving creams available there. He sent me Top Secret and Veleiro and they're great. O' Melhor is even better but expensive. I know those 3 are available in Portugal.
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