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Need help identifying a razor

Good Evening, I just got into safety razors and I’ve been cruising this forum trying to find something on a recently acquired razor. It’s got a short handle like the L2. But the ball on the end is significantly larger. Also, unlike the L2, the head is an “old style”. The handle is two tone. It is also is an open guard.

Im wondering if this is a Frankenstein of parts. But the ball end being larger than all my other ball end razors is the part that is confusing me. See pics attached. I put it next to an L2 for reference.
Looks like a Milady Decolletee from the 1920's.
Well, I went looking for that under images. And you are correct. To be specific it is a sub set of the Milady Decollette called a Milady Decollette Parisienne. The Parisienne is characterized by the shorter handle. Thank you very much.
Looks like a Milady Decolletee from the 1920's.
Agree. I have a Milady from 1915 and there's an obvious resemblance. Comparable to Gillette's men's razors of the era, but with shorter handles. Turns out that women wanted longer, not shorter handles, for shaving their legs.
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