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Nancy Boy (Sandalwood?)

The shaving cream is excellent. I've had most of their scents, and am very curious about how the Sandalwood smells. I've been hoping someone who's used it can let us know how their sandalwood compares to some of the better well known product. All of their products I've tried are good quality.
Their travel-size cream and aftershave are in my dopp bag. Will easily last you over 2 weeks with daily head/face shave. Can be used with/without a brush. Works will all types of water.

I will definitely be trying the new sandalwood cream.

P.S. They also make great body [emoji3475]
Sandalwood is excellent! I also use their Signature and Replenishing creams. By the way, if you sign up for an account online, they give you an immediate 15% discount no matter how much you buy.

I'm on my 3rd tub of signature cream, as well as my 3rd tub of replenishing moisturizer. Both awesome products.
Tried a few of their other items as well--all good stuff.
I'm very curious about the sandalwood cream too.
Putting together an order including the much anticipated sandalwood shaving cream. Don't get too excited for a review since I don't have any sandalwood shaving creams, just the wonderful Geo. F. Trumper's sandalwood skin food.

Anyways, Nancy Boy offers the 15% discount for club members, and their $5 shipping makes for no real excuse not to try their products. I'm hoping for a shave cream (and post-shave balm) that will give my Castle Forbes worthwhile competition. Also good to hear NB has little to fear from hard water. :)
... I've had most of their scents, and am very curious about how the Sandalwood smells. I've been hoping someone who's used it can let us know how their sandalwood compares to some of the better well known product. ....
I'd be curious too.
My reference point for a "sandalwood" scent is the Proraso Red croap and aftershave. I love it.
I bought some TOBS Sandalwood (because I generally like most TOBS creams that I've tried), but found it was nothing like PR. If anything, it had top notes of "fart", IMO.
A bit later I bought a Fendrihan cream sampler and one of the scents was Sandalwood. As near as I could make out, it was the same as the TOBS Sandalwood.
I eventually piffed the TOBS to my son, who thought it was perfectly fine.
So, now I am reluctant to buy any sandalwood product without smelling it first.
How many men's friends look in their medicine cabinets?
Here's what you do, just before you're expecting company:
Pile a bunch of marbles or large round beads on the bottom shelf and keep them from falling out with a piece of cardboard until you close the door.
Then, if anybody opens it to snoop, all the marbles will pour out making a huge noise.
Nancy Boy over delivers as a means of solidly securing one's loyalty. :) As a first time buyer, they comped the $5 shipping and also added a second body bar.

Both the Sandalwood and Signature shave creams performed admirably, and I guess that the sandalwood scent lands somewhere in the mid-range or higher for strength -- but, again, this is my first sandalwood shave cream so take my take w/ a grain of salt.

Compared to the Trumper's sandalwood skin food, the NB scent seemed a bit stronger. Gotta say, the two have combined for a lovey post-shave experience that I will continue to enjoy for a good part of today.
At the moment, I'm using a lot of NB products. Here are my quick thoughts:

NB shaving cream: With my badger brushes, the cream lathers like a champ, and the lather is top tier for slickness. I use about 3/4 teaspoonful, and it makes more lather than I need for a 3-pass shave.

NB aftershave gel and balm. Both of them cool and moisturize my skin without alcohol, and the scent is pleasant but not obtrusive. An almond-size dab is plenty. No complaints.

NB bath soap in the shower. Its performance is fine. It lathers up and quickly and rinses off without leaving slimy residue. It's a big bar, but it's still a bit pricey for what it is.

Finally, there's NB preshave oil. It works but not top tier. It's thick. So, unless I wash my hands with soap after rubbing the oil on my face, my hands and the handles of my razor and brush get slippery. With a really slick soap or cream, I'm not sure preshave treatment is worth the time anyway.
Does anyone use Nancy Boy cream without a brush? And if so does it lather "better" than Cremo Cream or Trader Joe's? By "better" I mean not as sticky and holding more water like a traditional soap?

Sounds like it may have potential to perform well as a travel shave cream?? For travel I am looking to pack away a tiny amount to keep my kit small and light.
Probably great stuff.
Hard to get past the name though...
How many men want their friends to see "Nancy Boy" products in their medicine cabinet?

My father and his generation used "Nancy Boy" as a derogatory term all the time...it its all I can think of. I am sure its its good stuff.
...also I am in Canada. :thumbdown

Nancy Boy regrets that we do not offer international shipping at this time.


I Waxed The Badger.
I have the Signature scent cream and like it. Also have some of their deodorant. It's good as well. However, I don't share your love of Sandalwood, or "outhouse in the distance" as I think of it.
I've never heard of NB before, let alone tried it. Based on the recommendations in this thread, I picked up a travel size Sandalwood and Signature creams. They threw in a Signature aftershave gel.

I used the Sandalwood this morning. I'm sorry to say my first experience wasn't very good. The cream is really soft and airy. I ended up needing twice as much product as I normally do with any of the creams I use/have used before (TOBS, T&H, AOS, Trumpers) in order to whip up enough lather in my scuttle for a three pass shave.

Slickness seemed to be on a par with those other creams I mentioned, when I was able to get enough on my face. I liked the scent a lot, which was very close to the T&H Sandalwood scent.

Overall, I'll probably keep these small tubs for when I travel because they're easier to pack. But I probably won't be reordering when these are empty.
Just bought this today. It is an excellent sandalwood scent. Very authentic

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I finished using the two small tubs of NB and have to report that I generally didn't care for it.

As far as scent, I think the Sandalwood is very good. However, the Signature scent is pretty awful as far as I'm concerned. The Signature comes off somewhat like rancid peppermint.

As far as cushion/slickness, it's just not very good. My face was always irritated after shaving with a NB cream. The TOBS and T&H creams I usually use are far superior.

My $0.02.
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