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Mystic Waters Coconut - Where's the Coconut?

Uh oh! I really love the pure coconut smell in my MW coconut sample. If others report the same, I'd definitely reach out to Michelle because she's a stand up gal who stands by her (awesome) products.

Best of luck!
I bought mine a couple weeks ago, I'm not sure. Mine is just the straight coconut. I really do like the soap, so I hope no one takes this as a poor reflection of the product. My sniffer just doesn't get coconut.
It's the original coconut lime verbana. I purchased it on March 25th and it's a brownish color.

sorry, i quoted the wrong post, it was supposed to quote the OP. :blushing:

i had purchased COCONUT and it's dark brown like chocolate, has a strong scent, but not pure coconut (compared to GFT COCO CREAM) and read recently on B&B that michelle has reformulated the MW Coconut (scent)

Just the fragrance, Petr. I haven't made any other changes in the soap formula yet although I have "tweaked" a few of the fragrances (like adding a bit more menthol to the Prospect Creek and Lavender Lime); in this case I wanted to find a coconut scent that remained white and smelled more like fresh coconut.

and more descriptions of the original and reformulated coconut, from this thread: MW COCONUT and as you can see in the pics in this thread, the old is chocolate color (and scented) and the new formulation is white (like real coconut)

For anyone that has used the old coconut formulation knows this, but it smells like a very artifical coconut. I would almost say it smells like coconut M&M's, so a coconut chocolate mix. The new coconut formulation smells like natural coconut, which I have to say is superb. It is not oftern you come across a scented product that smells 1:1 of the original. It also smells like it has a slight hint of peppermint in it, but there is no mention of this in the ingredients list.
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There is very little coconut scent in the coconut lime verbena.
The original coconut, which was brown in color, had a fairly strong but rather synthetic coconut scent.
The latest iteration, which is off-white, has a nice, medium- strength coconut scent with a bit or earthy undertone to my nose.
I have the new formula coconut and It doesn't smell like coconut to me either but my wife says it smells like coconut. I really don't care cause it does smell really good and makes an incredible lather. Mystic water is a fantastic performer!
I just saw this thread, and maybe can clear up some confusion: the original batch of Coconut that I made in February/March was a coconut fo with a big vanilla component, hence the brown, somewhat mottled coloration of the puck (vanilla goes brown in soaps). I decided to try a new fo, partly because I didn't like the brown color and partly because I wanted it to smell more like fresh coconut and less like sweetened dried coconut. The last couple of batches that I've made are with the new fo. If you have my Coconut soap and it's brown, you've got the older version: if it's off-white, you've got the new one. I'd love to hear back from people who have tried both (like Kingfisher) who can tell me which they prefer.

The Coconut Lime Verbena is a different soap entirely and is not intended to smell like coconut; the lime and lemon verbena come through more and the coconut is just there to sweeten it a little.

Everyone's scent perception is going to be a little different, even of the exact same scent - I tend to scent moderately heavily because I want the scent to stick around. Sometimes in a first batch I'll go a little light and then ramp it up in subsequent batches if my customers say they want it stronger. But in the case of the new Coconut, I used the maximum amount of fo because it's a more delicate fragrance than the brown one was.
Love the way you scent your soaps!!
I get the coconut in the coconut lime verbina, I am not a fan of coconut, and had no interest in this soap. Till I smelled it!:biggrin1: Great combination!
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