My thoughts on the Merkur 45 Bakelite

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Stingy Jack, Feb 24, 2017.

    This is my newest razor now I was sceptical about this razor as I have only ever used Vintage equipment. I only now have 3 Razors to my name and my go to since I stared using a DE was my 1965 Schick Krona.
    Since wise the Merkur 45 is quite small and at first i didn't know how this was going to work for me. It seemed too small but I disassembled it and put a fresh Astra SS in it and went about my shaving routine.
    This razor is extremely light arguably the lightest razor I have ever used even lighter then my old cartridge razor. First pass was really easy no troubles at all it felt like I wasn't even holding a razor it was the smooth. I did a 2 and a half pass shave if that makes sense as my face usually only needs With and Against the grain to get BBS however my Neck requires 3 passes as it grows in all sorts of directions.
    It was a great shave and the best I have ever gotten I think the Merkur 45 just dethroned my Schick Krona...... It was just so easy to shave with I was shocked to say the least. I wish the handle was a touch longer but thats about it.
    If you are on the fence about buying this don't be you will not be disappointed for $25CAD its for sure worth it.

    Shave Set Up For Today
    Prorasso Pre Shave Cream (White)
    TOBS Rose Shaving Cream
    Merkur 45 Bakelite
    Vei-Long Horse Hair Brush (50/50 mix)
    Pinaud Clubman Lilac-Vegetal
  1. Nice when something just works! Congrats!
  2. emwolf

    emwolf Contributor

    I think the Merkur Bakelite is one of the best looking razors out there. I will never trade it in. However, I find it just a bit too light in the hand. I like heavier razors, like the Futur and the Parker line, and of course old vintage razors generally have more heft.
  3. Congratulations for finding what I consider to be the most underrated and forgotten Merkur out there. It is still in my rotation and I am constantly amazed at how great a shave it gives without even feeling it do anything. Like @emwolf, the only thing I did was to swap out the handle to something longer and heavier. For me, the improvement was that I could let the weight of the razor do the work. The fact that it cost less than the RR Baby Smooth (if you can find it) or the Fatip Gentile, just makes it a way better deal all around.
  4. Stingy Jack, the Merkur Bakelite 45 is a most underrated and underappreciated razor. This German razor came on the market in 2012, and is deserving of more attention. It is much more aggressive than your Schick Krona, and its aggressiveness is perfect for my coarse whickers. It is a smooth, close, and comfortable shaver. I have never nicked myself with it. My theory is a plastic razor is more resilient than a metal razor, and consequently its flexibility gives some protection against cuts and weepers. I like the looks of the red and black Bakelite. Because of its light weight and small size the Merkur 45 is an excellent travel razor. If you travel with it, enclose it in a sturdy box, as the leading edge of the base plate is subject to breakage if your luggage would be crushed.
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  5. It gave me an extremely smooth shave. One of the best. I just couldn't adapt to the weight.
  6. Thanks for your input guys! Very happy with this purchase.
  7. Those Merkur Bakelites are nice. Glad to hear that you like it so much.
  8. I've had good shaves with my Merkur 45. They aren't ridiculously expensive, so don't be afraid to try one with your favorite blade.
  9. Joe from Italian Barber said he based the Baby Smooth very loosely on the Merkur 45. The 45 is one of the best shavers out there. Certainly beats my Wolfman SB. It can take a couple of shaves to adjust to the weight. The whole weight thing never was an issue. Light razors are great too!

    The key, imo, is the extreme blade bend the 45 (and the RR Baby Smooth) put on the blade. Torqued slants like the Ikon X3 do that too. No loose blades, no blade chatter, a tight blade due to the extreme bend or torque.

    The Wolfman unquestionably clamps down on the blade but I get smoother, closer shaves from a bended or torqued blade. Hope that makes sense!
  10. matwho

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    Fortunately @doofus couldn't adapt to the weight so he pifed it to me and I like it very much. Thank you again @doofus.
  11. Lucky man its a great little shaver.
  12. I really like the Merkur 45, and I agree it's underrated. I had a great shave today with it loaded with a Silver Star blade on the latter's third outing. I have the RR Baby Smooth too, and Joe said the same thing to me about copying the Merkur design. I have yet to have a really pleasant shave with the RR Baby Smooth; It's mild but not especially efficient. I think the Merkur is better engineered.
    My only complaint is that the handle screws into the Bakelite directly, not into metal as in the PAA Bakelite slant. The Merkur may be the ideal travel razor however: Lightweight, low cost, not blade fussy, comes with a case and blades, can produce a shave close enough for any business meeting, efficient, smooth and adaptable to may beard and skin types. What more can one ask except a piece of metal to screw the handle into?!
  13. Its a great little razor and it has become my go to razor. I do notice now after months of using it the head comes loose pretty easily.
  14. I noticed that it was missing a brass insert in the handle when I first got it. After my first shave, I decided a light and short handle was not for me and so immediately replaced it with something longer and heavier and problem solved.

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