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My thoughts on the Geo F Trumper coconut oil shaving soap. A month on.

Good evening all.

Its been nearly a month since I got the GFT coconut shaving soap for Christmas. It has been used several times. When I used it the first couple of times; as per my previous posts I thought the lather was a bit iffy as it seemed thin and kept vanishing off my face. On my most recent shave when I used it with my Gillette Fusion razor I thought the lather had improved a lot and it was very slick indeed. In fact it was so slick; because I accidently got some on my hand it meant that the razor was very slippery to hold! The shave was pretty decent for a cartridge razor as well.

Given the above, I am very interested in how it performs with my Sledgehammer now it has improved a fair bit. To avoid any bias the soap will NOT be used with a Nacet blade. My razor has been pre-loaded with a Perma-sharp blade ready for the next shave. The result will be posted soon.

GFT soaps suck!

Even a frothy/foamy hand soap will give slickness but that's not the point of a shaving soap.

A shaving soap needs to combine slickness for lubrication with a density to cushion the skin.

There are guys that can shave with just water or hand soap but majority of guys will require the creamy density (I.e. Absence of bubbles) to provide a close and comfy shave.

GFT definitely doesn't provide this. It's just a damn expensive hand/body soap!
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