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I've got a blog that I contribute to from time to time at one of the straight razor sites. Thought I would share my latest post here:

It Only Takes One: The sad reality of life. Several years ago, when I lived in Texas, when the Texas Lottery passed the $30 million mark, I would buy a ticket. My co-workers would all pitch in $10-20 bucks into a pool and buy 100 or more tickets. Invariably I would win between $3-10 dollars with my meager investment, and they would win about the same. They always wanted to know why I would only buy one ticket. Simple. It only takes one to win. Well, shaving is no different. To shave, you need one brush (and that is not a requirement), one soap or cream, and one razor. One strop, and eventually, one hone. That's all. That's it. Nothing more. So, would someone please explain to me why I have over a dozen brushes, a basket full of DE razors, over 300 DE blades, about 20 straight razors, 4 hanging strops and one paddle strop? Oh, did I mention that I have enough shaving creams and soaps to now go 2 months without a using the same item twice? In a day when most men hate shaving, a day when men seldom, if ever get a shave at the barbershop with their haircut, in a day when the most revolutionized (is that a word?) shaving implements are available, I still shave like I live in the 30's. Was I born at the wrong time? Am I a carmudgeon? NO! It seems that some things just can't be improved on. Remember your grandmother's apple pie? Can you buy one as good? Well, even though I subscribe to "old school" shaving, even within those confined parameters, I'm still looking for improvement. No, improvement is not the right word. I'm looking for variety. Shaving is something I enjoy. Let's compare it to breakfast. I like eggs. Scrambled, fried, poached, as an omelette. The same thing, just prepared differently. The same with shaving. Maybe today I want to smell like a barbershop. No problem. Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Shop cream, Pinaud After Shave, Clubman Talc...I'm there. Or I want to relax. Taylor's Lavender Shaving Soap, Azzaro Pure Lavender EDT. I'm there. Want to shave cheap? I'll break out my Surrey Boar brush, Williams Shaving Soap or Surrey Shaving Soap. I've got 4 brushes that were over $100 each! Analyze this. I got into DE shaving to save money. I believe I could have purchased a liftime of Atra cartridges with the money I've spent in the past year. YEAR! But now there is one difference. Now I enjoy shaving. Sometimes with a straight. Sometimes with a DE. But I enjoy it. So...what's in YOUR shave den?

Just a few thoughts.

Well said Randy. I got into wet shaving because it was tempting to me. I had always wanted to try it. I thought I would also save money since the blades are so cheap. I realize that I've spent a lot more money on DE razors, brushes, soaps and creams than I ever did on multi-blade cartridges. But it has also opened up a new world for me. The first time I used my Merkur Futur and saw those whiskers popping, I was hooked. Now I look forward to shaving. I look forward to mixing it up with different razors, brushes, creams, soaps, etc. I find it luxurious and relaxing.

I simply find it hard to imagine how a man could pamper himself with a cheap multi-blade plastic razor and a can of goo.
Very well put.

I like the wet shaving thing for the sheer luxurousness of it. You get a better shave too...
Nicely put, Randy. Like many here I first moved to DE because I was sick of cartridge prices... Howwever, like most this quickly became a hobby/illness and I forgot about saving money and went for having fun.
Well said !
I enjoy the the whole dichotomy of your post - saving money and luxuriously spending with a dash of the Luddite thrown in-
Nice blog entry.

I got into wet shaving because I have been searching for 'the perfect shave' for the past 6 years... from the first time I tried to get a truly close shave and ended up with razor burn all over my face so bad that I couldn't even think about shaving the next day.

While I certainly like the idea of shaving cheaper, I have never once balked at purchasing more and more soaps and creams becuase that is what makes it so much more fun and such a better experience. When I was buying the expensive cartridges it was frustrating because they weren't contributing any to a pleasant experience.
Great post Randy!

I entered into the world of wetshaving due to need, rather than concern over giving King Gillette more money.

As a black male, shaving was not something I looked forward to- in fact, in the past, I used to wear a beard instead of shaving. However, circumstances change and this necessitated a return to slice and dice ( which is normally how my face felt after).

The results I was experiencing were not pleasant, but I believed they were a necessary evil- however, this did not stop my search for improvements. Well, lo and behold, I too came across the MSNBC shaving article and a light bulb went on- if this worked for my family members for years, then it could work for me. Plus, I have a friend of over twenty years who still shaves with ( and has) his original Fatboy ( which he wouldn't give up) and has never had any problems with his face like I did (same complexion also, but he uses canned goo).

These 2 facts and the impetus of the article led me down this path- where I am here to stay.

The money that I spend does not matter- or at least, King Gillette isn't getting richer off of me :tongue:, but the variety and the enjoyment does.
So although I am not saving cash, it's still money well spent!

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