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My Granma

When I told my Granma I was getting a open razor for my birthday she couldn't understand."Why do you want one of those things?" she said.
I tried to explained, but no luck.She did tell me though how her dad used to shave in the kitchen every morning using a straight edge.How he would strop and hold his face while shaving.At this point my dad said he remembers seeing him shave and was always fixated by it .My dad then reminded me that my great grandfather only had one eye.He had lost the other in the first world war. He still continued with his open razor. He lived till he was 93, and was still shaving every day.
I did meet my great grandfarther but I didnt see him shave, though I would have loved too ...
Every time I see my granma now she is asking" Hows the razor have you cut yourself yet?"
I hope you like my little story.
Austin said:
I can't wait for your followup with a straight razor. Keep us posted.

Yes, please. And if grandma still recognizes you, we can assume the straight shaves are going okay!

Yes my granma still recognizes me.

The shaving is going well. Im not sure my stropping technique is quite right.
Ithink the blade could be a little sharper.
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