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While I don't get to spend as much time here as I would like, I still like to pop in from time to time and help my fellow mods out. They are an outstanding bunch! And while I don't participate like I used to, I thought I would pass out a few tidbits of information that I have picked up the past few years. Maybe redundant for some of you, but I'll do it anyway. I have the bandwidth and the time on my hands!

If you are new to wetshaving, you don't need to buy anything and everything you see discussed here. Most of us only shave once a day, so using up all of those products will take forever. And wetshaving should SAVE you money, not use up your 401K.

If you have been around a while...see the above statement. It may apply to you.

You really only need one brush.:eek: Really. But having a few for variety is nice. There is no such thing as a soap brush or a shaving cream brush. Some just seem to work better for individual items. But one brush really will be able to provide you with great lather from either soaps or creams.

You only need one razor. Really. But having a few for variety and display is cool. But trust me. There is a LOT of crap on ebay.

You don't need 3 shave scuttles. Reality is that you may not need one!

Using the same shave setup for more than one day, week or month is not a bad thing. Unless you use just one blade. Using the same setup does not make shaving boring, it just lessens the variety. And increases your ability to use a product and get a better shave. Maybe we need a "Shave of the Week" forum!:bored:

No one here is the perfect "expert". No one. What works for me might work for you. Or not. While we all share some of the same products, we don't share the same water supplier, blade angle, razor, etc. This is a place to share ideas and draw from suggestions. Some here have more experience. Much more. And a lot of gents here have a wealth of knowledge to share. But we will all interpret it our own way. Sharing your thoughts does not make you an expert. It only relates your experience.

We have two search options here at B&B. One is the actual "Search" function of the forum. The other is...to ask questions! If you have a question, someone will have an answer. I've seen a lot of stupid questions. But...that is my opinion. If you have a question, it is not stupid to you. And your opinion, in that situation, is what counts.

Be a gentleman. Let your actions reflect your understanding of the word. And remember, the word consists of "gentle" and "man".

You can't read every post. Nope. You can't! Not and keep your job. Or your wife!

And here is the short rant. You don't own this forum. Nope. Like me, and I've been a moderator since day one, you are here as a guest. Please follow the rules. Keep up the decorum. Use good judgment. If you think something you are about to post is crossing the line, it is. While we are "all adults here", some have wives and children who may either visit the forum or walk up and view the computer screen. Porn is not allowed. Harsh foul language is not allowed. The owners of this forum (owners means that "free speech" is not constitutionally protected because this is "private" property, not considered "public" property, even though this is the internet) set the rules and you agree to abide by them. You agreed when you joined B&B.

B&B is about shaving. And having fun. We don't solve world problems. We don't cure cancer or any other diseases (I wish we could!). For the most part, we discuss shaving, and a few other topics.

Finally. Always remember this:

"If you find yourself in a fair fight...you need to change your tactics!"

May we all be blessed in 2009. To those of you in the service of your respective country, be safe. And the same to our members who may now find themselves in a war zone.

I totally agree with you Randy. I personally enjoy visiting the forums here as much as I can and do.. Just a lot of great people here!

Randy, thanks for this and thanks for your effort in general. B&B is a wonderful place and it should stay that way.
Thanks, and of course, no one could disagree with anything you say. PS: Good job keeping the porn off B&B, I didn't realize that was becoming a problem around here! :eek: Just kidding. The part about everyone being a gentleman is what makes it special. Have a great day!
As usual, these are words of great wisdom and experience that anyone should keep in mind -- sometimes I wonder if the "you don't need to buy anything and everything you see discussed here" point should be a disclaimer at the top of every page. :tongue:

Thanks Randy for all you've done for our community... may you have a healthy and prosperous New Year as well :smile:
Well said indeed!

I still check to make sure I'm actually on the Internet when I read the B&B board; this site is so unlike any other site I participate in: people are helpful and calm and informative and nice and understanding and, above all, reasonable.

But I like my xADs! :redface:

Seriously, good advice. Yesterday's shave was SO good (thanks to all the advice here and Mantic's videos), that I could easily never explore other products again. Ever. (Like that will happen!)

Thanks for the great site and for the job all the mods do.
Randy you need to come back more often. Your words are like gold. I actually decide to go with a DE to save money over my cartridge. I do save money on my blades....and it all goes to my other ADs.

But nobody told me not to buy everything months ago.

Well as I tell my wife, it will all get used eventually.
Great advice, especially about not needing an enormous variety of shaving gear. I worry a little that chaps new to shaving may be put off if they get the impression there is a lot of expense involved. Or, that this is some esoteric activity that works only with weird and wonderful potions and gizmos. One blade, one brush and one form of lubrication is really all you need. Anything else is up to you. :001_smile
Well stated, Randy.

My shaving rotation typically consists of a 15¢ blade in a used $15 razor,
and lather from a $4 puck of soap (which was built for the first year
by a $12 brush in a cheap mug acquired from eBay).

(And my alternate soaps (the oh-so-costly Conk & VdH) are kept in used margarine containers.)

It's mostly about taking the time to get it right & enjoying the experience.
(And maybe a bit of wet shave proselytizing. :wink:)
i copied your speech and am now sending it directly to a buddy of mine. his new house HAD to have two sinks in the bathroom bc his missus was in a constant state of appall that he owns more toiletries than she
When it comes to internet forums this place is an oasis where I come to lower my blood pressure and enjoy being amongst gentlemen. Thank you for keeping it that way.

To your quote of, "Be a gentleman. Let your actions reflect your understanding of the word. And remember, the word consists of "gentle" and "man", there was a way it was put to me a long time ago and it went something like this:
"Always strive to treat a man like a gentlemen and a woman like a lady not because they act like a gentlemen or a lady, but because you are a gentleman."
Thanks for your binary monetary units, they were right on target.
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