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My annual Christmas Eve Shave.

I joined this message board back in 2008 and after much research I joined the Ranks of the DE Shave club on Christmas Eve of 2008. So every Christmas Eve I celebrate that anniversary with a special Christmas Eve Shave. In the past I would do so by purchasing a new shave soap to try and on occasion maybe a new razor or brush. Last years shave was with the RazoRock 888 and a 1961 Gillette Fatboy that I had just been plated with Rhodium. Wow, that was a great shave that evening with soft Christmas music playing in the back ground and a glass of white wine to keep me in the Christmas Spirit! This year since my collection has grown so much and I went on a shave soap buying spree, I will choose from one of the many that I already have in my Den. Thinking of pulling out one of my saved tubs of RazoRock XXX, then there is RazoRock Fresco, Mikes Barbershop, Mystic Water Lavender Lime, TDS Wheat Germ shave Soap, QCS Fougere, MdC, Institut of Karit, Barrister and Mann, and Klar Kabinett. I have several other shave soaps to choose from too, but I think I will pick from the above. Oh, I meant to add in a classic which is Cella. I am not a rich man by anyone standards, but I have been blessed with a great interest in this little shaving world which has brought me a ton of fulfillment and shared fellowship with the members here on Badger & Blade from all parts of this old earth of ours! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!
All terrific soaps. If it was me, I would go with the Klar Kabinett with it's subtle rose scent and Santa-like lather. Yet it's your Christmas eve so let the Christmas spirit guide you where it will.

Merry Christmas.
You know I have not had my Christmas Eve shave yet, but I am really leaning towards the Klar Kabinett just as redrako mentioned. It has been over 6 months since I have touched it and when I pulled it out the fragrance just really reminded me of times at my grandmothers house when I was young boy with thoughts of Santa upcoming visit.
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