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Muhle R89 Grande as Rockwell 6C substitute

I have a Rockwell 6C and I am using it with plate 4 for WTG, XTG, plate 3 for ATG and plate 2 for neck 3rd pass and some final fixes. I am using Bic chrome platinum for blade and the final outcome is a perfect shave without irritations.

I am thinking to buy a Muhle R89 Grande hoping to get similar shaving result without the need to change plates. Do you think its possible?

One last thing, I have the Rockwell razor stand for my 6C. Is this stand compatible with the R89 Grande or I have to buy a Muhle razor stand?
The R89 Grande is just a cast metal R89 head with the larger handle. I haven't used the Rockwell, but I would guess that the R89 would shave somewhat like plate 3. I doubt the R89 with a large handle would impress you as shaving significantly better than the Rockwell. (This is just an educated guess on my part, of course.)

As far as stands: It depends on the type of stand and the circumference of the handle. I don't know the answer to that question.
I add the Grande option mainly for the razor stand part of my post because the Grande model has longer and thicker hand. R89 and R89 Grande is the same razor.
If I use the 6C only with plate 3 I have irritations. With plates 4/4/2/2 or 4/4/3/2 for WTG/XTG/ATG/ATG I don't have. I think R89 is somewhere between plates 4 and 3 and not similar as plate 3 but I can't be sure. Only someone with R89 and 6C/6S can know for sure and that's why I am asking...
I used my regular R89 for most of the first year wet shaving and loved it but found the 89s with more blade gap to be much more efficient and just as smooth. Some people find the 89 aggressive but most find it gentle like myself.

I have a 6C but it’s been a long time since I used it and it never got much use since it’s head is quite bulky. I really liked plate 4 quite a bit and found it similar to the 89 overall. I probably only used plate 3 once so I can’t say much about it. But going off memory I’d say the R89 felt smoother then the plate 4 of the Rockwell. Both are great choices.

You can find a R89 head or even complete EJ89 for around $20-25 quite frequently. You can use your Rockwell handle if you like and if you find the 89 is your perfect razor then you can order the more expensive Grande or better yet just use a RazoRock handle like their BarberPole which is SS and to me feels much better then the cheaper Muhle ones.

If you haven’t tried many razors out yet you should put the GameChanger 68p on your list. I love my GameChangers and the 68p is a mild but wonderful razor. New they are $55 but can be had for $40-50 on the BST quite often. They are Stainless Steel and far surpass the quality of a Muhle for about the same money as the Grande. You can always resell it if you find it’s not for you.

If you have more money to burn a Feather AS-D2 is more mild feeling and would likely be perfect for you but cost would be around $120-180. A nice substitute would be a vintage Gillette Tech.

My advice would be spend $50 on a Razorock GameChanger 68p with handle of your choice, $20 on a R89 head or EJ89, and $15 on a vintage Gillette Tech. Total cost around $80-100. Then sell what you don’t like.
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Thank you for your advice. I didn't know that the Rockwell handle can be used with R89 head.
The R89 head costs around 19€ and the RazoRock GameChanger 68p around 100€ (EU zone prices...). I will check tomorrow if they sell it with the bulldog or the Super Knurl handle. Feather AS-D2 costs 189€. I think I will try the R89 head and the RR GC 68p and I will see how it will go.
Thank you again
Oh, thank you. So I have to go for an alternative handle. I can use the Bulldog or the Super Knurl handle of RazoRock?
You are very welcome! I interchange handles/heads every day and have never had an issue so I was curious about my Rockwell handle and went and tried it myself. The threads are tight but fit on my R89 head, after the first time it's much easier to thread on. I tried it on a few EJ DE89 heads and it was about 50/50 on it working. If the threads were new it usually went on but was much tighter then the R89 threads. So I would just stick with using the RazoRock handle if you get one to be safe. My Razorock handles fit every razor head I have ever tried.

If you are in the EU, a place called ConnaughtShaving is located in the UK and has complete EJ89s for around $20-25. They also sell the Feather ASD2 for $115 pounds as a Second without box, or a few bucks more in original box. It's probably the best price you will find if you're overseas since buying from forum members would be troublesome as well.

For the RazoRock, is it cheaper if you buy multiples or is every razor expensive? I highly recommend the 68P but it may be worth grabbing the new 76p baseplate as well. Based on your shaving details above I doubt you'd go over a 68p but I find it a very nice balance of mild/efficient. I usually use the GameChanger 84p but didn't recommend it since it's slightly more aggressive then the 68p. I haven't tried the 76p yet since it's relatively new.

On Razorock handles I love their BarberPole the most out of the ones they offer today. I like the bottom part to be a little thicker then the rest of the handle as it makes it easier to hold onto. Otherwise the Bulldog style handle which is almost identical to the Rockwell would be a good choice. I find it grippier with better knurling then the Rockwell 6C handle. My favorite handle is one called RadioKnob but Razorock discontinued it a few years back. The BarberPole is about as good though.

One last thing I want to mention... If you are getting irritation with the razor and are applying any pressure at all - try shaving with no pressure. When I first started DE shaving I applied light pressure since it felt natural to do so but after much reading I decided to apply no pressure at all and let the weight of the razors head do the shaving. This was a huge step forward in my shaving experiences and I found I could use much more aggressive razors and many more blades then I could previously. It's also why I like a heavier razor since the weight helps the razor shave and keeps you from applying pressure. I know it may be hard to do, but just try it once. Apply NO pressure and see how it goes. I hold onto the very bottom of the handle the furthest point from the head to allow maximum leverage/weight on the head.

Also, don't forget to try out a Gillette Tech sometime. I think it and the Feather are fairly similar but the Feather is a more premium razor and probably a slight step above the original Techs. Between the GameChanger 68p, Feather AS-D2, R89, and Tech I imagine you are sure to find a winner for your needs. Sorry for the long reply.
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Also don't forget to try different blades out. For smooth shaving I highly recommend Astra SP (Russian) and better yet Gillette Silver Blue (GSB). But the Nacet & Permasharp are also worth giving a try. I love the Nacets but they are just slightly less smooth then a GSB but are also slightly sharper. The Permasharps most people love and I think they are OK but don't find them sharp enough. But since I am recommending you blades from the general public as well as personal ones I recommend giving the PermaSharp a try.

Other honorable mentions that may work well for you are - Wilkinson Sword (Both India & German Classic), Gillette Platinums made in Russia, Gillette 7 Oclock Yellow SharpEdge, Gillette Rubie if you can find them, Personna Lab Blues/Comfort Coated, Personna Platinum now made in Germany,Tatra, & Wizamet.

I know that's a lot of blades but they are fairly cheap and many of these will be gone soon since they are Russian. Pick up a tuck of each and give them a go then buy in bulk the ones you like. But at least try out the GSB, Astra SP, Nacet, & Permasharp if nothing else.
Rockwell is nothing like the 89 series. Completely different feel. I’m not talking about aggressiveness.

I would never give up my Rockwell for the 89, never.

I have good memories of my 89, but it’s not even close in comfort and efficiency. I have better results with plate 2, believe me…

I’m not discouraging you, but think twice.

I don’t even have a replacement to suggest, the Rockwell is unique in my opinion, there’s no substitute that shaves like it (not the results, but the shave feel).
Have you tried using the Rockwell on plate 2 for all your passes? With a Feather blade for instance?
That would solve your problem of changing the plate three times per shave.
I would second what @Alex Jr said that the R89 shaves nothing like the 6S/C and would hold off on buying one.
Mine hasn't been out of its box in years but the Rockwell has been, And I use plate 4 for all my passes. Used to be the 5 plate but 4 does a better job lately.
Hope this helps.


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Hello! Both are not comparable in how they are shaving and think you would enjoy a Game Changer .68 or .84 or one of its many clones more.
First of all, thank you all for your replies. They are very helpful.
I am using Rockwell 6C almost a year now. I tried all the plates and I tested mostly the plates 5, 4 and 3 with many different blades. The plate 5 looks to me very similar to plate 4 but I really need it when I have to shave more than 5-6 days. For shaving every 2 or 3 days plate 4 is ideal. Plate 3 can also do the job but also irritates me if I use it for all passes. From all the blades I tried I found Feather irritates me less so I used it for a long time with all the plates. At some point I tested Bic Chrome Platinum and I found the perfect blade for me. Very sharp, smooth and forgiving blade and cause me no irritations.

I also tried the Merkur Progress 500 but I didn't liked it. I used it only 2 times and I am sure I will not use it again.

From your comments I understand that Game Changer .68 is better so I ordered it. It costs twice the price of 6C but its stainless steel so it has the price range of 6S. I am curious to use it to see how it feels against plate 4. I see the head covers all the blade and I prefer it. Also, the head looks shorter so I think it will be easier to shave under the nose :).
I have the 6C. Practical its the same razor with 6S but with different material. 6S is stainless steel and matte and 6C is zinc alloy with chrome plating. I like 6C better and many are saying that 6C shaves better because its not matte.
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Yup I have the 6C and have read the same. That said, if the 6C was my favorite razor I’d likely purchase a 6S and polish it myself so it shaved as smooth as the 6C but I’ve found razors I like more so I find no use buying another 6 of any sort when there’s more razors I can try out.

I can use Feathers but find them rough feeling. I’ve only used a couple BICs but found them slightly smoother but still had some roughness to them in the razor I tried. They were the sharpest blades I felt out of about 50 though.

You might want to try the Nacet, & Gillette Silver Blues if you haven’t done so yet. I find the Nacet about as sharp as the Feather but smoother then Feather or Bic. The GSB isn’t quite as sharp but is close & very smooth.

I have read the Bics are very razor picky so if they don’t work well in your GameChanger then try a different blade. I plan to revisit the Bic but didn’t like them in my GameChanger 84p.

Don’t forget to try a vintage Gillette Tech sometime as well. Just use your Razorock handle on it to make it feel better. I figure in the EU they can still be had for $10-20 used.
Also forgot to mention that yes the GC head is very slim and easier to shave under your nose.

My hair grows slightly inside the nose and it’s hard to get with certain razors, especially with the blade tabs exposed - I’ve had those exposed blade ends cut my nose a couple times in the past. The fully covered blades on the GC is a great design and many modern razors are the same.
I have the 6C. Practical its the same razor with 6S but with different material. 6S is stainless steel and matte and 6C is zinc alloy with chrome plating. I like 6C better and many are saying that 6C shaves better because its not matte.
That’s why I’m careful about internet info.

The day my 6C shaves me the same as my 6S I’ll grow a beard. They are not the same and this “drag” thing is non existent in my humble opinion.

I wouldn’t trade 1 6S for 100 game changers. They shave very differently.

The 6C is a nice razor, but the 6S is the real deal.

But I guess that ship has already sailed.

Tell us what you think of the GC. Enjoy!
That’s why I’m careful about internet info.

The day my 6C shaves me the same as my 6S I’ll grow a beard. They are not the same and this “drag” thing is non existent in my humble opinion.

6C weights 100gr and 6S weights 116gr. The 6S is matte. The design is the same. The 16grams and the matte finish makes the 6S that better?
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